Jen: This may be obvious but…

Glasvegas’s Geraldine:

A band from Glasgow, of course, with a Glaswegian accent so thick you could cut it with a knife. I saw these guys play live a handful of years ago, and the guitarist was one of the most charmingly energetic I’ve ever seen. 


Jen: Sounds of Scotland

Continuing the theme, this time a band from Edinburgh: Idlewild’s American English

For a band once described by NME as sounding like “a flight of stairs falling down a flight of stairs,” they developed a gorgeous anthemic sound later in their career. 

Drew – 10 Things I Know About Scotland

1) Haggis.

2)The Loch Ness Monster

3) ‘A large orange hedge moving towards us’

4) Creepy Stalkers

5) Quality Football

6) Rugged Men, Doing Rugged Things

7) Some Sort of Poison Others Really Enjoy

8) Soothing Music

9) Many Unsuccessful Attempts To Plant a Tree

10) Outlander

Jen: Getting the ear attuned for Scottish accents

I’ve been listening to a lot of Scottish music while I count down the days to the Starz premier of Outlander. Not bagpipes and Celtic folksy music, which is pretty far from being my particular cup of tea, but modern Scottish rock, filled with thrumming guitars and thick burring accents. Here’s The Twilight Sad, performing with the Royal Scottish Orchestra: