Jen- Reviews Round-Up, Episode Three

For your reading pleasure, the best in reviews for Episode Three- The Way Out.

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Drew – Episode 3: Evil Kirk


Here’s the beer. I’m not a huge fan of I&G’s attempts to “innovate” – why a Scottish brewery would resort to rum barrels for aging when they have casks of scotch strewn about the island is beyond me. I guess it’s like working at an ice cream shop – there’s just so much of it about that you quickly become sick of it and try to escape it anyway possible (perhaps suicide by fried Mars bar?).

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Jen- Episode Three Review: The Way Out

Episode Three: The Way Out

This episode really nicely tied together some brand new plot elements with canon book scenes. I actually like the way the show handled Claire establishing her bona fides as the castle healer better than the book- it was good dramatic tension to use the poisoned kid plot to show her competence but also set up the potential for old timey religion to seriously endanger her.

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Jen- Reviews Round-up, Episode Two

If you are, like me, Completely Obsessed, the only way to make it a week between episodes is to read every review you can find and maybe spend too much time on Tumblr following the Outlander tags. Here’s the best in reviews for Episode 2- Castle Leoch.

“While killing time working in the garden until she’s supposedly going to catch her ride back to Inverness, Claire makes another maybe-friend: Geillis Duncan, whose idea of female bonding is to point out the abortifacient plants and remark, “The girls in the village come to me every now and again for such things. They say I’m a wiiiitch.”
Obviously, I love her.”Jezebel

Jamie is out at the stables, taming a horse (subtext) and he explains, about the lively horse, “She’s just a girl with spirit,” (more subtext). Ahh these girls with spirit”.Vulture

“Neither does it hurt that Jamie woos Claire the hard way — by showing off his position against violence against women by accepting a few blows to the head, chest, and stomach on behalf of another woman, accused of being a whore by her own goddamn father. That’s chivalry folks, and don’t tell me he wasn’t counting on the fact that Claire was out in the audience with her new witch best friend eating that up. “No big deal,” Jamie tells Claire later. “I barely knew her, you know. But a whooping like that would traumatize a woman. But me? I am skilled in the art of getting the sh*t kicked out of me.”Pajiba

“But most of all I loved the blatant feminism of this episode. Claire’s one line about there never being a good reason for rape is just so so so good. Amazing. Wonderful. This show makes me feel so much better about life than Game of Thrones ever did. And I’d apologize for the constant comparisons, but it really is like night and day.” Kiss My Wonder Woman

And now, more Scottish indie rock. There must be something in the water in Glasgow, because all I am finding is amazing band after amazing band. Finding good new music makes me emotional. Outlander makes me emotional. I am just Feeling All The Feelings lately.

Here’s There Will Be Fireworks:

Drew – Episode 2: Fetchez la Vache


Here’s the beer for Episode 2. Jen said there would probably be some English Stuff in this episode and given that the only beer made in Scotland at the liquor store we stopped at was a “no hop” beer made with berries and twigs and tears of brewers who have wasted an afternoon, I figured going Basic Brit would be okay.

Anyways, last thing’s first. Because we watched the episode OnDemand, we got the ‘extras’ bit with Ron Moore revealing that the castle where this (and many more) episodes was filmed at the Grail Castle from Monty Python and the Holy Grail. This news has completely colored my memory of the episode, but since nothing really happened that’s okay. Continue reading