Drew – Setting the Premise

Okay, so we’re actually going to have to start watching this show soon. The first episode is streaming or On Demand or deliverable by carrier pigeon or something at the moment with the Official Premier this Saturday.

I have never read Outlander, but am very aware of the book. It’s not only one of Jen’s favorites, but my mom’s as well (and is the only reason the latter talks to the former after the former beaned her in the face with a seatbelt latch) so there have always been ratty paperback copies of Outlander laying about the house. Hearing that these things are actually kind of porn-y revises a great deal of my childhood.

I do read historical fiction, though. I’ve been through most of the big Iron Men, Wooden Ships series (Hornblower, Aubrey/Martin, Rackham, etc) as well as Bernard Cornwell’s entire output. I also enjoy time travel stories – a favorite being Tim Powers’ Anubis Gates. Currently, my reading tastes are in third generation GRRM gritty fantasy knockoffs (Raven’s Shadow, Shadow Campaigns, Powder Mage, etc) and totally true books about how Bigfoot is a psychic dimensional hopping creature and/or mutant agent of the Reptilians. 

Jen has been trying to get me to read the Outlander series for years and years. Due to my perception of this series being a ‘Mom Series’ and the lack of Sasquatch in a kilt (So seriously, this might be kinda niche, but if we get to see Sasquatch in a kilt, I’m totally sold on the show.) I have avoided it. She claims there are battles and adventures and stuff, but to be totally honest, I don’t trust a female author to write a good battle scene. I know Jen feels the same way about male authors trying to write female characters. I’m willing to be corrected, of course.

I’m also willing to be bribed with beer. Not sure if we’ll keep to the Scottish Beers thing (my tastes run to more palette destroying IPAs and Belgians). We’re playing it fast and loose now. I hope to do a dual recap with Jen (or maybe a transcript of a chat session?) for initial thoughts, followed by each of us doing a lengthier/more coherent review of the episode. I’ll probably have some questions for Jen about the characters and what’s left out of the show that was in the book.

Oh, and time travel. Jen is very, very entertaining when quizzed about time travel.


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