Jen- Thoughts upon waiting for the next episode

I knew I’d kinda-sorta regret watching the first episode early, because now I am officially obsessed with this show and have to wait another whole week for the next episode! I went and re-read the chapter(s) in the book that should comprise the next episode, and it includes some of my favorite moments in the book. Waiting is so hard!

So, a few times a year I’ll be struck with the urge to Create! and Write!… but I have found that even when I can scrape up the discipline to write something vaguely novel-length with a beginning, a middle, and an end (hello, two successful NaNoWriMos), I am not a natural storyteller. I have loved time travel stories since, well, since Outlander, and my writing impulses always lead me to into some sort of contrived time travel story, but I inevitably get lost down the research rabbit hole. Not even useful research, I mostly get stuck on the great question of “where and how are they going to pee?” and then find myself hours later reading about the history of the toilet (actually fascinating) and  trying to figure out when indoor plumbing was constructed in the Omni Parker Hotel in Boston (why not!). Nevermind that actual good books for the most part leave nature’s call to the imagination because it does nothing to move a plot along.

This was mostly a post to share the fascinating history of toilets. You’re welcome, dear readers!


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