Jen- A blog needs content; content it shall have

I am so excited to see so many positive reviews in the press for the first episode! It’s a long way to wait until next Saturday, and a blog needs content, so I’m going to admit to some Serious Nerdery here. I’ve been daydreaming about writing an Outlander fanfic wherein it’s modern Scotland and Jamie and Claire are in a band. How adorable would that be?! Ahem. I am well aware of Gabaldon’s anti-fanfiction stance, and I don’t think I could take myself seriously enough to write it, but the thought amuses me. Mostly because this song is so very Scottish and awesome, and it just kind of sounds like a song a character loosely based on a fictional 1700s Highland warrior would sing:

I’ve already posted about Frightened Rabbit, though, so my obsession with them notwithstanding, I should give you a new Scottish band to listen to. Behold, The Unwinding Hours:

Also, I was just poking around Sam Heughan’s twitter (for totally legit research purposes only!) and he has tweeted about Frightened Rabbit being awesome, so that confirms my instinct that Frightened Rabbit is a very Outlander band!


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