Jen- Reviews round-up

New episode of Outlander tomorrow! We’ll have to wait until Sunday to watch it, though, as I have my annual Girls Beach Night tomorrow, and much as I love good tv, I love Girls Beach Night more.

Here’s a round-up of the best reviews I’ve seen for episode one. If I never read another review that goes on about the series being romance novels it will be too soon. I have read A LOT of books in my life, and have sampled the wares of the romance genre, which is decidedly not for me. The $5 paperback Harlequins tend to have wooden characters and no sense of life. Historical fiction with a tasteful dash of romantic intrigue, however, is my book vice of choice. Out of thousands of pages there’s like maybe a chapter’s worth of racy content in the entire series, so it’s kind of throwing the baby out with the bathwater to write them off as romance novels.

The best review: “It’s like somebody dumped all my high school enthusiasms—Ren Faire, DragonCon, romance novels, the Highland Games, Turner Classic Movies—into a giant whiskey barrel and let it ferment for ten years. I’m only just barely exaggerating when I say this show is a basket of kittens short of my perfect TV experience.” – Jezebel

“I went into “Outlander” with a healthy dose of skepticism. The whole thing seemed so overwrought and meant for the “50 Shades” crowd. Let me tell you, I have never been more delighted to be wrong. “Outlander” took my cynical expectations and backhanded me with them.”- Hitfix

“Another awesome thing about Claire: In the flashback to her youth, it looks like she was basically a tween-girl version of Indiana Jones?!”A.V. Club

Also, here’s some more Scottish music. Aerogramme, a now-defunct band whose members have gone on to form Chvrches and The Unwinding Hours.

Ahhhhh! That song is so beautiful I can barely stand it! Seriously, if you skipped over that video move your eyeballs up and press play, you can thank me later.

Also, OMG, Starz just announced that the series has already been renewed for Season 2!!


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