Jen & Drew: Episode Two Live Chat

Episode Two- Castle Leoch

Drew: Here we go.
Last time on Outlander: “I am boring.” “I am practical.” “Augh, my shoulder!”
Also, boffing.

Jen: Ok, I have to commend you on your restraint, you haven’t yet spammed our blog with The Proclaimers

Drew: So why do they have the 1940s stuff in the opening if we’re all about Olde Tymes now?

Jen: Times be different, yo
I kind of like the opening credits

Drew: Seems legit
Big ole skid mark on that white dress.

Jen: Old Alec!

Drew: How are these people going to help her? “Aye, just ask our castle Time Smith.”

Mrs Fitz!
It’s like all these characters are my old friends
I am a NERD

Drew: You are friends with Dinner Theater Actors?

It’s still cold out. Isn’t someone going to give her a coat?
Ah! THANK YOU, potato lady.

“Do you like the landscaping? We decided to do it in mud.”

Potato Lady took a shine to Claire.
Or she’s watching through the keyhole.
“Why were you flogged?”
“For bein too roguishly handsome.”

Is this a flashback or are the English advancing on the castle?

Jen: Flashback
So we see just how terrible Not Frank Randall is
That’s his sister, and his family’s homestead

Drew: Hot!
Did a small cat scratch his sister’s face?

She still needs warm dry clothes.

Jen:Nah, she just needs Jamie Fraser

I mean, the other man theory would have been kind of leap if she’s only been gone one night

Drew: She keeps bringing up leaving her husband. What other man is she going to leave him for at the mystic stones? The ghost?

“Can you… send the flute player away?”

So is Jamie a landholder with a huge house or a farmhand?

Jen:Yeah, he has a big farm elsewhere, but he’s an outlaw now so he can’t go back

Drew: She needs more broth.

Now your day at the Ren Fest can begin!

Jen:I was just going to say you’ll have to keep my wallet away from me at the Ren Faire because I have a sudden need for GARB.

Drew:Do it.
Columbine? Too soon.
Boring Husband is full of useful information in flashbacks.

Jen: Oh yeah, Claire brings it!

Drew: Is there ever a good reason for rape? Well, Chapter 25…

You want to be in that dress on that wall looking at the countryside.

Jen: Ok, if you were time traveling and figured you’d be able to get back home in 5 days, how awesome would that be?!

I think I need to live in Colonial Williamsburg.

Drew: That’s 5 days to leave a note to bring a gun to the standing stones.

Jen: And a gun?! I am totally not on board with how you would time travel

Drew: And hand grenades.

Jen: How about just Bill Bryson’s A Short HIstory of Nearly Everything. Drop some science on them old timey folks!

Drew: Also a car. I’d just park my car up on the stones.

Jen: We need to go to Medieval Times! Stat!

Drew: Awkward premium cable dinner!

Jen: Starz can do awkward family dinners, too, HBO!

Drew: I do like that Future Girl isn’t as smart as she thought she would be with those old tyme savages.
Mrs Padmore just didn’t age. Is she a time traveler too?

Jen: Ha!

Drew: This is filmed down the road from Game of Thrones, right?

Jen: That would make the Jamie actor sad because he tried out for GoT 7 times. Unsuccessfully

Who did he try out for? Bit tall for Tyrion.

Jen: I think it was actually the bad Ramsey kid, Theon, and random Dudes on the WAll

Drew: Horse is mugging it up for the camera.
“Stay frosty, Mr. Clops. Your future begins with this scene. Next stop, the Mr Ed reboot.”

Jack MacBlack, ladies and gentlemen!

Ungrateful guest.

Really idealized version of food gathering.

Jen: Next Foodie Trend: travel back in time to really get food the way it should be

Drew: Am I a witch!? Just look at my crazy eyes!

Jen: Ahhh! Leghair! Hiss!

Drew: So Wacky Ankles is about to bite it, right?

Jen: I’m not dealing in spoilers.
But I will say blondie Laoghaire is one of the most hated characters in the book

Drew: The woman?

Jen: Yeah

Drew: So Blonde Leghair is Padmore’s daughter.

Jen: Granddaughter


I can’t imagine why the English wanted to take over this land.

So the locals just hooked ole Claire up with earrings and necklaces?

I’d totally be a tinker. Or a rag and bone man.

“Okay, hop up on the table. Time for your mustache ride.”

Or you could just kill her.

Jen: In the book she assumes she might be worth some gold in potential ransom money. But she also never had the promise of leaving in 5 days like that

Drew: Hah. That’s the castle from the Holy Grail. Fetche le vache!


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