Jen- Episode Two: Castle Leoch

I remain Completely Delighted by this show.

First, it may be silly, but I love what they are doing with Claire’s hair. It’s fuzzy and not perfect (and OMG her bedhead was awesome), and fits so well with the book descriptions and also the reality of having unruly curly hair in a time where you can’t slather in $50 worth of product to get it to behave. I may be more personally invested in this than I should be, but when I read this book as an awkward teenager with terrible hair, it was refreshing to have a fictional heroine with crazy curly hair. Felicity had nothing on Claire Randall.

It’s a nice touch that in the show, when she hears “Randall” out of the blue, Claire startles to attention, as I imagine nursing in the war she was probably referred to as “Randall” when people were barking orders at each other.

Moments I loved in this episode:

-Claire asking Jamie why he was trying to escape from Fort William, and him whispering “they were holding me prisoner.” There’s a subtle sense of humor the show is capturing perfectly. 

-Claire accidentally getting drunk on Colum’s Rhenish wine.

-Claire totally schooling Colum: “Is there ever a good reason for rape, Master MacKenzie?”

-Rupert actually being kind of an endearingly funny guy in this episode.

-Jamie’s expression when Claire says she’s leaving. He is so totally in love with her already! Agh, my heart, I can’t take it!

Not totally sure on how much I like the show adding in Colum’s promise to Claire that she could leave in 5 days, just to revoke the promise at the end of the episode. That doesn’t happen in the book, but it does give us a better sense of why Claire would be content to be out gathering plants and making buddies (Geillis! Lunch with Jamie!) rather than hardcore plotting an escape. In the book she kind of rolls with things for a while before she makes her first escape attempt. Show Colum and Dougal are actually way more menacing and potentially up to something than they were in my head in the books.


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