Jen- Reviews Round-Up, Episode Three

For your reading pleasure, the best in reviews for Episode Three- The Way Out.

“This week on Outlander: Witch Watch went to DefCon 1, Claire continues to banter with Jamie without realizing she wants to jump his bones and I really want a whole closet full of tasteful fichus.”Jezebel (read the comments, some of them are awesome)

“It’s obvious the boy is sick not possessed but before Claire can get down to medical business, Father Bain shows up with his old tyme religion. Claire is pretty disgusted and watches helplessly as the family begins to pray over a boy who simply needs some medicine. The 18th-century kind of sucks, is the message here.”Vulture (comments here are pretty good, too)

“Outlander broke with the books this week with an entirely original B-plot that ramped up both Claire’s healing skills AND her notional association with the devil.”  (this one has pretty funny captioned screen caps)

“But what’s brilliantly compelling about Outlander is how Claire seizes control when she can and maneuvers between the rigid structures of his society. When she says she’s in charge, we, like Jamie, believe her.”AV Club

“Claire and Jamie could have an 18th century detective show. Her modern knowledge and attitudes along with his well-rounded upbringing (he knows Greek and Latin!) would make them quite a formidable team. They could travel all around Scotland saving boys from getting their hands chopped off and/or having her cause distractions while he pulls pillar nails out of their ears (shudders). Along the way, Claire can also prove the power of science to creepy priests!”TV equals

“HAHAHA JUST KIDDING. It was all a dream. Claire just pulled a “Who shot JR?” on us. My faith in her common sense is restored.”HitFix (I’m not totally on board with this reviewer, because it’s starting to seem a little try-hard, but she has a few funny observations)

Also, here’s a blog whose author translates some of the Gaelic in each episode. Useful!

Time for some Scottish music!

First, because I am in no way close to being over this band, more There Will Be Fireworks:

Seriously, how are they so good at making music?! What sorcery is this!  What’s really killing me is that they have actual adult real jobs and will probably never come to the US to tour.

And a band I haven’t talked about yet: Broken Records. They’re on 4AD, and 4AD is a label that can almost do no wrong. I like these guys, but I have to give them a few more listens before I really figure out how much I like them. I’ve been listening to TWBF so much that anything without a heavy Glaswegian accent doesn’t sound Scottish enough now. Broken Records is from Edinburgh, btw.


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