Jen & Drew: Episode Four Live Chat

Episode Four- The Gathering

Drew: Hi everybody! It’s my birthday! This is my test and mints to how much I love Jen cuz I’m watching this show.

Be funny.

Jen: Awww.

Too much pressure!

Drew: Claire looks like she grew a Jamie head in the recap.

Jen: OMG this is going to be such a good episode!

Drew: Stupid Gchat robbed me of my hilarious joke.

I was all “Sing me a sssoonng” DROP — WUB WUB WUB

Jack MAc Black!

oh man the scamp army

this is what we all wanted


Jen: And the Merry & Pippen Scottish dudes

Drew: Also, the Watchtowers are hela stupid tactical;y.

Tactically. What is one dude with a musket (rifle) going to do?

Jen: Shoot some other dudes? Like, once? Really well?

Drew: I like her mittens.

Jen: When do we go fiddle camping in 5 layers of woolen clothes?

Drew: That’s you.

You are Stew Lady

That is your walk on role

And you will be thankful

Distant shot. Nebulous stew.


Jen: Oh yeah.

I would own that role

Distant shot Nebulous stew will be my first album name

Drew: Who is that Stew Girl? Click now on OhNoTheyStewedIt!

Jen: Geillis!

Drew: Crazy Eyes! yay

Jen: More fart jokes!

Drew: Farts!

Jen: This show is made for me

Drew: Good times!

I hope we never have that car ride. You know, that one and only one flashback.

Crazy Eyes is a jerk now.

And she seems to be franchising.

Also, your Spoiler is actually spoiling my ability to comment on this stupid show.

Jen: I know. It’s stupid obvious when you know what’s going on.

Drew: Do you hear that, reader?

If she is gonna run, why is she keeping her butt bumber on?

Jen: Gotta look awesome for when you tumble back into the 1940s. Start up the SCA immediately upon return

Drew: That’s lewd.

Padmore is also Tim Gunnnnnn

Men playing field hockey. Rugged.

Jen: Ahhhh, I need a neck ribbon


Ugh, author alert

Drew: You have like three neck ribbons

Jen: I really dislike it when book authors get cameos in their movies/shows, it is too contact embarassy

Drew: Wacky Ankles! Ain’t no party like a Wacky Ankles party! Time for the bagpipes then the….



Jen: Stop trying to make Skrillex happen!

Drew: I’m going back in time to MacBangarang

(That’s a Skrilz ref)

(I am yoof)

Wait. I was lost in my Matrix 2/Scotch dance fantasy. Who was the devil author who brought this on us?

Jen: Diana Gabaldon just had a cameo.

Drew: I was distracted by Wacky Ankle’s knowledge of Klingon.

If I was the Laird, that chalice would be full of fart juice.




Jen: I am cackling manically right now

Drew: There is an almost broke wig merchant out there.


Jen: I dunno, they are going off script now

Drew: I want a spinoff of Jack MacBlack’s port bender RIGHT THE FUCK NOW


Jen: Claire was not this organized in her book escape attempt

Drew: That’s a reference.

Jen: Ewww, Laoghaire

Drew: She is so pretty.

Like a prized rat.

Jen: Really? Her?

Ha, ok

Drew: Booby yet approachable/desperate.

Like you.


Jen: OMG. Put on some CK ONe

Uhhh, I mean, smoke bomb

Drew: This is a sex ref, reader.

Caber toss me.

Jen: OMG


Drew: Calire is a jerk!

Jen: Ok, that whole exchange never ever happened in the book, but I like the Oz reference

Drew: Claire.


Mythbusters to save the day! “I could not save the Build Crew, but I can save you.”

Jen: Whoa!


Drew: Wow. Thus due went from Lawful Neutral to Neutral Evil quick.

Jen: That Dougal thing in the book was just an inappropriate kiss, but Show Claire rocks so much

Drew: Thus due = This dude

Jen: Get ready, show only peopel



“I will die on your cross, Jamie.”

Gee, Claire, that doesn’t sound like anything like a spy would say with all that “I know your sentries” bit.

So can I say that nobody in the period wore their hair like she does?

Jen:You can say that

But it doesn’t matter because her hair is AMAZEBALLS

Drew: Ambushed at the hooooooolllee

I shall not burn?

Jen: I shine, not burn

Drew: So should I be making tshirts with that logo?

Jen: Wait for the right logo….

I am ready

Drew: I assume it’s a greasy dick over a sun lamp

Jen: Scottish politics!

Drew: Wait. Is there some drama.

This is why they are not free on England yet.



Jen: Yup. One of the many times Claire will say “this is all my fault”

Wait, my yup was not for her sucking, though

Drew: Did he just give up a shit fob?


Shit Fob is waiting at the back.

In a wig.

Jen: Is that some weird nerd lingo with which I am not familiar?

Drew: Why are they happy?

They were about to stab.

Seriously, what happened.

Beardo was all like ach ach ach

Jen: He basically said he wasn’t pledging allegiance to the clan but he would obey their leader while he was on their land. Win win

Plus Jamie is the kind of guy that every woman wants and every man wants to be. He’s a threat to Dougal because he’s a natural leader and people follow him

Drew: So he farted loyalty in their general direction?

Jen: Peppermints

Oh man, I thought they’d skip the sort of boring boar hunt

Drew: r u trying injoke

Jen: But I guess we are now getting an old timey boar hunt

Drew: fail

I want to hear you 5 solid on boar hunting

Start going.

Jen: I need to workshop this

Drew: Highland boars are all….

Lowland boars are all…

Oh man. Pig threat.



Who is Claire narrating at?

Jen: Us! We are special!

Drew: Why did people hunt boars again?

Jen: Ugh, they so needed tv back then

Drew: Or nicer pigs.

Jen: Babe!

Drew: Too soon

Jen: Do I need to work on my pig jokes too?

Drew: Yeah. There was a Charlotte’s Web joke in there.


Jen: Charlottes Web is mostly about a spider and spiders are no laughing matter!

Drew: Also, they need to pul their mic from the waterall.

Jen: Field hockey!

That’s where I’m a viking!

Drew: That rifle is not period. Full stop.

Jen: This is exactly how we played field hockey in high school

Drew: Be it noted, I wanted one of those hurling sticks when we were in Ireland and you dissuaded me.

Jen: I was gravely mistaken

To the time travel stones!

Drew: Hey! You made a funnt


Jen: If we go back in time to our Ireland trip I want a do-over on Cork

We are going to the butter museum

Drew: Rochard Dolan would have a lot to say about this.



Jen: Yessss, finally. ON the road!

Drew: Sex tttooooouuurrrrrr

Jen: Business time!

Drew: Business Scotch!

Who lawn mowed that land.

Oh, a new outfit for the prisoner!

This is dumber.

Jen: Ok, this episode has been the weak link

Drew: Just this one?

Jen: Things are going to really get going next week!

Yes, the other episodes were COMPLETELY AWESOME.

Drew: Dingles.

Chicken Wing dingles.

Jen: This one definitely needed a little more something, but it was also necessary to get some of the family and political drama cleared up

Don’t overuse your chicken wing joke!

Next week will be awesome!


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