Jen- Reviews Round-Up, Episode Four

Reviews round-up for Episode Four, The Gathering.

“So Jamie says he’ll escort her back inside. He’s leading her into some tunnel — and we get A WHOPPING SEVERAL SECONDS OF HAND-HOLDING THIS IS BIG — when they’re set upon yet again. It seems like yet another crew of disorderly drunks when, wait, it’s Rupert! They’re not here for Claire—they want Jamie to take his turn in front of Colum. They carry him off to change, and there’s gratuitous hotness”Jezebel

“All told, I love Outlander. If I were Diana Gabaldon I’d worry that I’d somehow sold my soul to the devil to get such a prestige retelling that’s so faithful to its source. The cast is amazing, the setting and overall production are captivating. The thoughtfulness invested in developing Claire and Jamie as individuals and as a couple is perfect. The books couldn’t have asked for a better adaptation. Four episodes in, Outlander has left a lasting impression thanks to the overall quality of the production. More of this please, and thank you, Starz”

That post actually has a really fantastic comment I want to pull out:
“This is precisely why I genuinely don’t understand readers/viewers who themselves can’t understand why Claire would want to return to Frank because, obviously, there’s a perfect—like walks-on-water perfect—Scottish hunk making soap-opera eyes at her. Jamie’s intriguing and clever and built like a well-muscled door, but he’s also part of a dangerous world that keeps showing its dirty, nasty underbelly. Any time Claire thinks she feels safe, another threat presents itself. Sometimes I think we get too distracted by the narrative momentum of romance story plots to recognize that that kind of written-in-the-stars love just doesn’t actually work that way. Even if we buy into their epic love story, WE know Jamie may be her true love, but from CLAIRE’S perspective, he could easily be just another fading, handsome infatuation, just another hot, charming soldier passing through her hospital.”comment

Nothing to clip here because it’s a photo recap

“If anyone came into this series with the assumption that it was a bodice-ripper, they’re surely disabused of that notion by now. This episode was part-jailbreak, part-political thriller, and part-medical drama”.- io9

“Claire is a feminist hero we all deserve”.AV Club

“Well this is going to be a nightmare. For one, it’s not gonna work because logic. For another, even without reading the books, the writing is on the wall as to who will be winning the heart of fair Jamie and her name ain’t Leery.”HitFix – I am not totally sold on this reviewer, but people seem to really like her.

And now, a Scottish band. Belle & Sebastian, my old favorites. I discovered this band when I was in college and people still used email lists to talk about music. Before Pitchfork even existed! I was on the indie pop list and people were going bananas for this album. I ended up buying a fourth generation dubbed tape of their debut album, Tigermilk, off that email list. This will always, always, be my favorite B&S album, I wore this thing out freshman year of college.


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