Jen & Drew- Episode Five Live Chat- With Special Guest!

We had a special guest with us for this week’s episode! The ever delightful Tenillypo from Despair in the Afternoon watched with us. Glasses of wine were drunk in the making of this live chat. 

And now, Episode Five: The Rent

Drew: Is this it? Are you excited? It is a thing that is happening. To us. Willingly.

Tenillypo: My body is ready.

Jen: I am so excited!

Tenillypo: Where do they get all of her clothes? Does this castle just have an endless supply of dresses in her size?

Jen: Actually, the costume designer has explained it

There are a number of people who go in and out of the castle

Drew: Mrs Padmore has a lot of free time on her hands.

Jen: And lots of people die

So they just keep clothes from dead and departed

Tenillypo: Oh, good. Ghost clothes.

Jen: Thrifty ghost clothes

Drew: Corpse clothes wearing hipsters!

If I knew a song from Rent, I’d be using it now.

Tenillypo: Sweet lord, Scotland is unfair.

Jen: It’s Ned!

Drew: Nerd!

Jen: He’s a lawyer

Drew: So they have a cart just for booze, right?

Jen: Probably two

Tenillypo: If you were camping in the winter in Scotland, wouldn’t you?

Jen: Yup!

Drew: I also pay my rent with cabbage.

Good thing she keeps running into people with easily curable ailments.

Tenillypo: Jen, do we like Ned? He seems jolly.

Drew: Romantics didn’t exist then.

Jen: Yes, Ned is a good egg

Drew: They were an 80s band.

Tenillypo: DEER.

Drew: How come we never have dinner parties were we all laugh over morsels of meat?

Jen: Over lewd jokes at that

Tenillypo: You’ve been going to the wrong parties, guys.

Jen: Oh good a rabbit hock

Drew: Who thought it was a good idea to bring Jamie along?

Tenillypo: Um, the women of America?

Jen: Dougal has PLANS you will see

Ha, and that

Drew: Here’s a wanted criminal

Tenillypo: His hair, Jen. I can’t deal with the hair.

Jen: Oh My God! His hair is a beacon of red light in the bleak Scottish wilderness

Drew: Uh oh. No pigs.


Tenillypo: Come on, Ned. Bacon is what makes life worth living.

Drew: I’m here for the tour?

Do I pay here? Or…..?

Jen: Where is the reenactment village I can visit where I can do old timey work?

Tenillypo: Nobody likes Claire.

Drew: Time for Claire to learn she is not as awesome as she thinks.

Sisterhood of the Pisscovered Pants.

Tenillypo: Hope their hand soap is really strong.

Jen: It is. It’s LYE

Tenillypo: Ah, playing with piss, getting drunk, gossiping about fairies. LADY BUSINESS.


Jen: That is what we do on our Girls Nights.

Our secret is out!

Tenillypo: Shh, Jen!

Drew: Haver!


Jen: Huh, this didn’t happen in the book

Tenillypo: Oh, he’s dreamy.

Jen: That guy?

You have a thing for clean hair

Drew: Boo

Tenillypo: I’m weird that way.

Drew: Ed’s not a very good spy.

“I have my information! Time to be Super Obvious!”

Tenillypo: I said he was dreamy. Not bright.

Drew: “Where is my fake curly mustache?”

Shock! Gasp!

Tenillypo: They could stand to cut down on the unsubtitled Gaelic on this show.

Jen: The lack of subtitles is to make us feel like Claire

Drew: Bored?


Jamie is not a team player.

Tenillypo: Okay, so we’re not supposed to like Baldy McRapesalot, then? I was getting worried.

Jen: Dougal is a multi-faceted character.

Tenillypo: Doooooouchebag.

Jen: I wouldn’t say we like him, but he’s not totally evil

Drew: Lawyer dude is just going to murder her.

Montage of lakes! Lochtage!

How many shirts did they go thru?

Tenillypo: Ah, the Scottish mafia.

Drew: What, the dude’s loan of one pheasant came due?

Tenillypo: Claire is a real downer.


Tenillypo: No wonder no one wants to sit with her except the piss ladies.

Jen: She is fighter against injustice! Come on guys!

Drew: Sad sacks on tax day.

Here’s a bag of rocks.

Eat up

He’s got a point.

Butt out, Claire.

Jen: They should know by now that Claire never butts out

Drew: And Jamie just tossed a bag of grain onto a kids head.

Tenillypo: She doesn’t have the internet. She needs to make her own fun.

Drew: Here’s some history for you Americans.

Jen: Claire takes Frank TO SCHOOL

Drew: Spell it out for us dummies, Claire.

Tenillypo: Hey, some of us have had several glasses of wine and could use the help.

Drew: Kiss!

Tenillypo: God, get a haircut, hippie!

Drew: Ultimate couple. They could be collectively called ‘ Doumie’

Jen, we need to talk about your time travel safety protocols. I worry you would walk your skirts through a campfire.

Jen: Oh I definitely would

But I am flattered you think I’d make it several episodes into my own time travel story

Drew: You’d be the Wailing Witch of the Woods in under three weeks.


Tenillypo: I would probably just kill myself the first time I had to use the bathroom.

Jen: That’s a little extreme

Drew: Claire looks around, “So the treasure should be right here then?”

Jen: I would just cry a lot peeing in the woods

Tenillypo: So, same as always, then.

Jen: stop knowing me so well, guys!

Drew: Stop peeing on your shoes!

So two people had to die to Jamie wouldn’t not be the example any more, thus saving his Non Bummer Summer?

Jamie sure is putting a lot of Nice Guy Quarters into the slot.

Jen: Oh my stars and garters!

Drew: A touch! A fleeting touch!


Jen: So fraught with meaning and romance!

Tenillypo: Sexy rape prevention!

Drew: Did she sleep in her butt bustle?

Jen: It doubles as a pillow!

Tenillypo: A… butt pillow?

Drew: Jerk table! Get’em football team!

Now that’s a continental breakfast!

Jen: Aww, they were standing up for her! They like her after all!

Drew: Uh thanks?

Tenillypo: As long as they’re still allowed to call her a whore…

Did he just pull an 18th century “women can’t be funny?”

Jen: Yeah. But I don’t know how funny I’d be if my entire life involved eating gruel and working pee through cloth

Drew: That was our honeymoon!

She could teach them how to make flak jackets, maybe?

Bad guys!

Tenillypo: Finally.

Aw, dreamy guy.

Jen: Cliffhanger!

Drew: Baum baum

Jen: This was fun guys!

Tenillypo: Thanks for having me!


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