Jen- Reviews Round-Up, Episode Five: Rent

Here’s the best in reviews/recaps for Episode Five: Rent

“During the funeral, I try not to be distracted by the gorgeousness of Claire’s fur-hooded and sleeved coat. Much like the Jacobite rising of ’45, I fail.”RT Book Reviews

“Claire’s perspective was changed enough to even join in with the rowdy joking: She’s one of the boys! (Isn’t it funny how that phrase is vaguely a compliment, whereas calling a man “one of the girls” is an invitation to a fistfight? Ha ha ha, our culture secretly despises everything feminine, ho ho ho.)”

“The female perspective is a welcome change, particularly in a cable landscape that finds every possible excuse for a middle-aged male detective to interrogate a teen-age stripper in her dressing room. But the show is more than tit for tat: it’s sheer pleasure, no guilt allowed.”Just a little publication called THE NEW YORKER

“She invites him to come inside and he is just aghast: “Sleep in your room, with you? I couldn’t do that. Your reputation would be ruined.” RUIN ME, JAMIE. RUIN ME LIKE A SPAGHETTI STAIN ON A WEDDING DRESS.”Jezebel

“Angus steps forward and tells British fellow “Maybe you need your lugs cleaned.” and British fellow responds “I assure you, my lugs are just fine.” because you can always count on the British to be polite. They may flog you, but they’ll call you ‘sir’ while they do it.”Professional Fangirls

“One small touch that made an impression: when Claire figured out Dougal was raising funds for a Jacobite army, pieces of the opening credits music played in the background. That music, arranged by Bear McCreary, is a version of “The Skye Boat Song” which is a song about the escape of Bonnie Prince Charlie to the Isle of Skye after the Battle of Culloden. It was a lovely callback and further demonstration that Outlander doesn’t slack off when it comes to details.”IGN

“The blacksmith backs down and returns to his hovel where — IN LINE OF SIGHT OF EVERYONE — he puts on his British red coat. Dude, no. Patience is a virtue.”HitFix

I am digging this person’s photo recaps on Tumblr. Photo recap part 1 and Photo recap part 2. Sample below:



Scottish music time! We Were Promised Jetpacks, a Sam Heughan-approved band. I… like them? I think. They are giving me a little bit of a Killers without the big sugary hooks vibe on some songs, but then other songs get all atmospheric and epic. They don’t quite have the magic for me that There Will Be Fireworks has, but I am not sure anyone else is going to get there. WWPJ is solid and promising and the vocals are dripping with a heavy Scottish burr.


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