Jen & Drew: Episode Six Live Chat

Episode Six: The Garrison Commander

Jen: Hi

Drew: We are full of burritos.

Jen: Are you ready for a roller coaster of emotions?!

Drew: Re: burritos.

Jen: This is going to be an amazing hour of television

You will need only the edge of your seat

Drew: I admit I have neglected to Watch and Win the past two eps.


Drew: I am Dodge Stratus.

Jen: Ha. Inside joke

Drew: (That’s an injoke)

Jamie’s scars look very, uh, silly putty.

Jen: I am so tense about what Claire’s answer is going to be


Drew: “Bilbo and Breeze”?

I am hearing this song for the first time.

Through Weird Al ears.

Jen: I admit I have been listening to the song a few dozen times on Spotify during each week

I am nerd

Drew: Ow.

Who are you.

Jen: You married me

Drew: Today’s Office Tour is: British Officer!

Jen: Start of episode. What is Claire going to say?

OMG Phew.

Drew: So Claire is a Guest of the Clan MacKenzie who is a guest of the British army?

Jen: I suppose it’s always better to be a guest of the King than otherwise

Drew: So only Dougal went with her?

Jen: Yup.

A little different fro the book but not thematically different

Drew: Uh. Why is the light cavalry all wearing powdered wigs?

Jen: Also can we go horseback riding sometime?

Like I have a need to be wearing garb and riding horsies

Drew: Bad Guy! Gasp!

Jen: Gross who is this British dude

Drew: That’s me.

Jen: He is a close talker

Drew: That’s my time travel dream.

Jen: Ugh. English dudes are racist jerks

Drew: New ship: Dougal and Lord Twirp.

Jen: Ewww

Drew: Kiss!

Jen: Civilized? They don’t appreciate the Scottish landscape? It’s not like they have cable if they go back to London

Drew: An enigma wrapped in a kilt!

Jen: Dougal is AWESOME

Drew: It would not have hurt Dougal to be a little nice.

Jen: Ok I am loving how this is going. Not in the book at all but this is awesome

Also can we get a harpsichord

Drew: Ungh. Really? Will we put it next to your spinning wheel and blunderbuss?

Jen: Yup. Where is my time travel preparation room?

I love that Claire is all about getting her drink on

Drew: In the past YOUR MIND IS BLOWN

Jen: Uh oh

Drew: Black Jerk!

Jen: Black Jack on the case

Ha, I love Black Jerk as a name

Good jorb

Drew: (Is there something going on between those two? wonders Lord Twit)

Jen: Ugh I don’t like the dirty and earnest passion of Black Jack. He is a good foil to the English dudes sitting around being silly

Drew: Womp Womp

Lt Whiping Boy

Claire… careful…

Jen: Claire totally rules

Drew: Dummy

Good thing someone is hurt so Claire can win people over!

Jen: This is fascinating to a book reader because this is all new to us

Claire is taking care of business.

She is an amazing heroine! A doctor for us all!

Drew: Way too much backstory then, scarf boy.

The venison is getting cold.

Jen: Ok I take back all of my time travel dreams. I will take modern medicine

Drew: Sexy.

Wait, so. Not sexy. No guy wants to be shaved by his gal.

Jen: Really?

Drew: Really.

I like my nose.

Jen: Shaky clumsy sausage fingers with a knife on your neck?

Drew: Black Jerk is kind of a badass.

Jen: Ugh he is disgusting. You will see. He is the worst ever

Drew: I mean, besides flipping out about a minor cut.

Jen: Get the man a damn bandaid and he’d shut up

Drew: Does Black Jerk drink?

Jen: Tobias Menzies is kind of killing this, though

Drew: Penis reference in 3 2 1

Jen: Gross

Drew: My true nature is BUGS BUGS BUGS

Jen: Seems legit





Jen: Story of his life


Yeah! Truth to Claire!

Yes. Your only choices. Except for TIME TRAVEL

Jen: I am from the future and you suck Black Jack

Drew: Uh… he would know other officers stationed in his area.

Jen: I love that Claire is selling it but he is not buying it at all

Drew: Is he drawing her Titanic style?

It’s just a cartoon drawing of boobs

Jen: Ha

Drew: Suck it, Jacobites!

Jen: Oooh this is better than the book

Badass! Go Claire!

Drew: Methods!

Jen: Ugh Claire no don’t bring Jamie into it

Drew: No Claire!

Jen: **Mistake*** a guy in a top hat comes out

Drew: Stop defending your hoboyfriend

Oh, hey, Jamie is in this episode.


I want Black Jerk;s lashes to be via tongue.

Jen: Uhhh tread carefully because you haven’t read the book

Drew: llliiiiiiicccckkkkk “One!” llllllliiiiiicccckkkk “Two!”

No spoilers.

Judder? Is that a word?

No wonder Old Country Buffet’s carvery station sucks.

Jamie was whipped so hard he bled out his mouth? Did he bite his tongue?

(i think black jerk might be a vampire)

(or worse dracula)

Jen: I want Claire to throw a drink in Randall’s face right now

Drew: Are you crying?

Radish work?

(Jen has to pee, we pause)

Jen: Oh, Claire is having a hard time separating him from Frank.

Drew: Does he have something stuck in his cheek?


Jen: Sucker punch

Drew: Wow. Heel turn after heel turn.

Do all British soldiers have Big Faces?

Jen: Dougal puts an end to this business

Drew: Jack’s shirt got cleaner.

Jen: Duh Duh Duh

Drew: Water? Where? Next to the camera on the boom?

Jen: Heh

Drew: So that’s the intro shot!

Jen: Eeeeeeeeeeeee

Drew: oh

oh no

Jen: Yes marry a Scot!

Drew: no


Yes prison. No scot.

Jen: Grinding your corn


Drew: I can hear you grinding over here. Down girl.

Jen: I mean you stick an Ace bandage on a dude and that’s pretty much a binding contract

Drew: No, it might surprise you that I, a wandering hobo, have no intended.



Late blooming hobo


Jen: Claire is getting drunk until next week

Alright that was the rollercoaster I was hoping for

Drew: Next week on…

Jen: Next week is going to be amaaaaaaaazing


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