Jen- Episode Six: The Garrison Commander

Well, that was a tense hour. Who am I kidding, I’ve already watched it twice and was just as tense the second time, so it was a tense two hours.

Episode Six: The Garrison Commander

Ok, the casting director for this show deserves an award. Do they give casting awards? Everyone is so pitch perfect and fantastic. Caitriona Balfe was mesmerizing. Tobias Menzies was shatteringly good at being totally evil. Graham McTavish managed to be both fierce and surprisingly tender toward Claire- I loved seeing him actively caring about her for the first time. That little moment when the English general said she knew how to order men around and Dougal was like “aye, she does.”

The music! I admit, I kind of mentally scoffed when I read people going nuts about the fact that the guy who did the Battlestar music was doing the music for this show. How good could background music on a show really be (if it’s not Supernatural back when they actually had meaningful background music in the first couple of seasons), I thought. I was wrong for scoffing. It is perfect! Maybe I just need more background harpsichords in my life, but I am loving how thoughtful and precise the background music choices are.

I was glad for the voiceover musings from Claire in the beginning about how she felt comfortable with the English soldiers because it reminded her of her time nursing in the war. I hadn’t made a connection between the two in my mind, because my sympathies are so with the Scots in this show and the English are almost always the baddies, so recalling that Claire is naturally inclined to think of them as the good guys was a good touch.

Black Jack- just as┬ávillainous as I’d expected. I spent a lot of the episode on pins and needles just waiting for that literal punch to the gut. The whole scene was much more drawn out in the show, in the book it’s over pretty quickly, and Dougal is the one who tells Claire the story about Jamie’s flogging. I think it was a good choice to have Randall tell the story, it conveys more quickly just how depraved he is. His toying with Claire was so true to character. Hard to watch, but a good storytelling choice.

I’m glad they managed to squeeze in the Saint Ninian’s spring scene between Dougal and Claire. I loved her reaction to Dougal finally believing her- “a magic spring?” You could practically hear her thought that if she’d known all it took to convince him was a magic spring she would have found one a month ago.

Finally, Claire and Jamie! Imagine lots of hand waving and general squeals of delight coming from my corner of the couch. Because there was a lot. That scene was perfect. Murtagh’s smile watching Claire walk away with the booze was fantastic, you can tell he knows exactly how Jamie feels and he’s totally psyched for this wedding. AS ARE WE ALL, AMIRITE! I mean, it’s not like I’ve watched the preview for next week’s episode multiple times or anything…..


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