Jen- Reviews Round-Up, Episode Six

The very best in reviews/recaps! And a double dose of Scottish music!

Episode Six- The Garrison Commander

Vulture is back! I wasn’t feeling her last few reviews, but this one is better.

“Before long, though, she entreats the general to help her get back to Inverness and Craigh na Dun so that she might be reunited with her boring husband. She is such a broken record about getting back to the 20th century. Like, woman, this is only episode six and the show has been renewed so you are not going anywhere soon.” Vulture

“Note that this episode is the counterpart to the first set at Castle Leoch, with the dinner that’s really an interrogation and the impromptu call for her medical skills. Among the Scots, it doesn’t make her totally trustworthy, but does earn her a tenuous measure of respect and the personal protection of the local laird. Among the English, it gets her abandoned in a room with a fucking psycho.”- Jezebel

“LT compliments Claire on her sense of propriety, adding that the question of the kilt shall remain an enigma. Just like the question ‘dear God, what on earth is he concealing beneath that wig?’ SPOILER: It’s lice.”Professional Fangirls

“here comes Jamie with a bounce in his step the likes of which we haven’t seen since first we met. He hands her a wine cooler or equivalent and says, ‘there’s no one else I want to marry and can we get this show on the road?’ She says, “so as far as you’re concerned, we can start the honeymoon tomorrow?” “YES!” declares Jamie along with at least 5,000,000 women from around the world as ice floes crack, volcanos erupt and 1,000 trains speed through tunnels.”Melissa’s Observations

“In lieu of a history lesson, just believe me when I say that the road to becoming an officer would not have been an easy one for Jack. He has reached beyond his station and means to become Captain of his Majesty’s Eighth Dragoons. I’m sure many of us can relate to the situation in which he now finds himself embroiled. He is surrounded by lesser men of higher social and political rank. The dumping of the claret was very symbolic. Nice touch that. He isn’t invited to the dinner table literally and metaphorically. He must be seething with impotent rage.”Beth Wesson

“He asks her for the name of gentleman and when she demurs, stares at her like a velociraptor, walks over and sketches something on a napkin with what I assume is a blackened piece of his soul.”Photo recap

Scottish music time! Can we just move to Glasgow? There is an insane amount of exciting music going on there now.

This is The Youth and Young. Something about this chorus seems particularly apropos for the big vote tomorrow. I am loving their noisy folk thing.

This is a band originally from Inverness. INVERNESS!! I am way too excited about that. They are Call to Mind. Very Sigur Ros-esque and beautiful.


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