Jen- Reviews Round-Up, Episode Seven

April 4! How am I going to manage waiting half a year for the rest of this season?! Starz, you are killing me here. Onward to reviews/recaps.

“It’s far too easy to suggest that the repressed desires of bored housewives are driving Outlander’s success. Women know better. When presented with a complex, emotionally engaging plot and sensual content that doesn’t degrade or shame female sexuality, they’ll tune in, gladly. If the growing fan base is any indication, Outlander is the show that television has been needing for a long, long time.”- Huffington Post

The Wedding” opens with Claire’s misty memories of marrying Frank, who apparently proposed while they were passing the county clerk’s office on the way to dinner with his parents. No judgements if you think “Why not???” is the height of romance, but I must say this rather dimmed Mr. Randall’s shine for me. Claire goes for it, though! I guess the looming threat of war with Europe puts a different spin on the big church wedding. Then, boom, she’s kissing her unasked-for new husband, Jamie Look at Those Goddamn Muscles Fraser.“- Jezebel

“Claire’s first question to Jamie is “Why did you agree to marry me?” and you can just see him chanting ‘play it cool’ in his head while he really wants to shout from the rooftops ‘I FREAKING LOVE YOU!’”Caitrionation

“Jamie tells the rest of the lads that they can go to bed now, no need to stay up and as they continue to tease him, one lone figure has neither dude-shoves nor jokes, and that figure is bald.”Photo recap part 1 and Photo recap part 2. Part 3 to come soon.

One more review that just hit my radar:

“That said, perhaps too I should be careful what I wish for in that sense. I don’t know if you were like me in this, but the more I watched, the more I realized that as frustrating as it was, that instability is actually a hugely important part of Dougal’s character. It keeps him out of kilter (nope, not even sorry) which keeps him from becoming one-dimensional as a character. It keeps him from becoming just another patriot. Or just another, singular kind of man, because with singularity comes predictability, and with that, boredom, i.e. the last things you want. Thankfully though, between a well-developed plot arc and – yet again – a very able performance by Graham McTavish, I don’t think predictability or boredom are going to prove to be any danger at all to the presence of Dougal MacKenzie.”The TeleVixen.  This review is really well-thought, and this paragraph in particular reminds me that the very reason Dougal is worried about Jamie being in line for the MacKenzie lairdship is because Dougal is seen by the clan as being too volatile and hot-headed. Nicely done, show!

Scottish music time! I’ve been kind of dude heavy with the music, so here are two ladies from Glasgow, Honeyblood. I love the early 90s indie pop feel of this.


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