Jen & Drew- Episode Eight Live Chat

Episode Eight: Both Sides Now

Jen:I am so ready

Drew:Ready for my Bilbo and Breeeeeeee

Jen:And yet I weep for April 4 is a long way off

Drew:This fall… Jamie goes missing in Spain?

Jen:Starz it is 9:00 get it together! No more commercials!

Drew:Or maybe Scandalandia

Bilbo and bree time!

So, Jenny… What’s a dragoon?

Jen:An officer in his majesty’s army?

Drew:It’s a military type. Infantry, cavalry, etc..

Jen:Worst of all, Frank, is not that your wife might be dead, but that she might be with another man. Sums up Frank.

Oh, it’s an actual military rank?

Drew:No, not a rank. A type of unit. Cavalry fights on horse, infantry on foot, artillery with cannons… etc. So what does a dragoon do?

Jen:This song is on Spotify and I listen to an embarrassing number of times. Almost as many as Blink-182.

Drew:If you say ‘Fight on Dragons’ then this show would be a lot better.

Jen:Even GoT barely has dragons let alone dragon fights.

Drew:You’re dodging the question. Perhaps… like a dragoon?

Jen:I assume dragoons are just jerks who do jerky things in the name of “the law”

Drew:Nope. They are soldiers who travel by horse, but fight on foot like light infantry. The Marines of the plains.

“The past sex weeks” <= WTG, Scotland tourism board!

No sign of a struggle? DID YOU EVEN READ THE BOOKS?!

Jen:Oh, as usual, I feel bad for Frank

Drew:Frank Randall in “Making A Scene In Whiteville”

Where did she get that hand knitted shawl?


Circle the wagons!

Jen:OMG how can you pay attention to a shawl during one of the most romantic conversations EVAR


Or maybe Radaghast

Jen:Poor hair and makeup department must have been at loose ends, looks like it’s raining buckets

Drew:Yeah, that dude has a sled pulled by rabbits. Radagast for sure.

Jen:I’m glad the show found a few minutes for Hugh Munro, I thought for sure he’d be cut

Drew:Honeymoon in Scotland! Have weirdos shoot arrows and/or scotch at you!


Jen:It’s a dragonfly in amber. Stay tuned for season 2!

Drew:She said the name of a book!

Is that where they get the dinosaurs from?

If she makes a fake tongue for thus guy, I’m out.

I would pay Pay Per View cash money for a fight between this guy and Hodor.

They are going to meet a hoarcrux?

Where did his bow go?

I wonder what Father Bane is doing. Or Crazy Eyes.

CSI: Inverness.

Jen:Ahh, wee little Roger Wakefield!!!!!


Drew:Does that kid grow up to be president of scotland?

Jen:That kid grows up. To be kind of awesome and kind of boring and kind of aggravating.

Drew:Hey, Housekeeper Witch! Now’s a good time to mention those weirdo handlines Claire had!

Jen:Ok, I really to know what the what is going on with this lady.

Drew:Just doan call me late fer dinnah.

She was one of the twirling dancers. [“Sally” in bar]

Jen:What, really?

Drew:I have no idea. She’s playing a con and he’s about to get beat up.

Jen:I want someone to bust out the now ancient drawing of Claire that BJR drew and show it to Frank

We need to tell stories amongst friends by a campfire sometime.

Drew:About what? That time your pumpkin spice latte was not to your liking?

Horsey sense tingling!

So does Black MacJack know to just keep talking or is he oblivious?

Jen:He knows, he drew a knife

Drew:Finally! Some action!

Jen:Fight! It’s a real fight!

I told you there would be swashbuckling.

Drew:Again, reminding Jamie about his gunshot wound.

Jen:You’ve just had 7 hours to get to know the characters you so care about the swashbuckling.

Drew:I had a PC like Ned in a Seven Seas game.

I bet this was the one time it did not rain in Scotland.

Ooh, Randall genetic are mean genetics.

I want to see Evil’s Cup.

(I’d have to visit Real Madrid, I guess)

Why was the housekeeper bringing linens into the library?

I admit I am regretting not ordering a waistcoat with that kilt.

Jen:Starz really should have contracted with a Renaissance Fair outfitter for some Outlander brand garb

Drew:How does she not know where the breastbone is?

Jen:Willie! My fave new secondary character

Drew:So is Angus redeeming himself for past jerkitudes?

I want some Frank cut trowsers. Dude has some breathing space there.

How is babby formed?

Jen:If you can believe it they have already cut out like 4 sex scenes that were in the book.

Drew:instain woman

Oh. Uh. No thanks.

Jen:Well, that pretty much happened like it did in the book.

Drew:Where are the redcoats’ horses?

Jen:Here’s Mrs Graham with her tea reading skills and stone dancing info

Drew:Oh good! I’m depressed about my missing wife and you’re giving me a lesson in comparative mythology!

Frank’s face looks like the face of Diana Gab’s first prospective publisher.

That is a face designed to sell Gerber.

My Dagger Tip is the name of my new band.

Jen:No horses. See, your questions get answered.

Drew:If they are deserters, where is the cake and ice cream?

Blue screen.

I do like Frank’s car.

Growing up, there was a dude down the hill who had a Grey Ghost that he kept under a tarp through winter. When he brought out that bone white auto, we knew Spring had sprung.

I’m getting real with you, yo. I mean, it’s either that or talking about Claire staring at a matte painting.

She runs forward to it and BONK

Jen:See, there you go, she’s making an honest effort at getting back!

Drew:An honest effort by chance.

Sideways branchy tree by tooth stone in Frank time and…

Jen:This whole Frank at the stones and Claire running to them thing is a nice new development, good job, show!

Oh jeez, this is giving me actual goosebumps.

Drew:… sideways branchy tree in Claire time!

Jen:Gabaldon wishes she wrote this this good

well, I mean, wrote this this well

Drew:Trees grow, yo.

Trees grow.

And now, redcoats.

Jen:Redcoats always messing with things

Drew:So those are dragoons because they ride horses, but also have muskets (which you can’t shoot from a horse)

And I saw Gallagher!

Want to drag a chair in a creepy manner? Call Black Jack Randall at 1-800-BLC-JACK for lessons!

She’s about to get hit.

Sick burn, bro.

Jen:Ugh, Hawkins is the worst

Except for Actual Worst Black Jack


Jen:And that is how the episode ends.

Agh, Starz! I can’t wait 7 months!

And I know what happens!

Drew:I hope when they come back they are all wearing grey beards and stuff.


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