Jen- Reviews Round-Up, Episode Eight: Both Sides Now

I am still not over how long our wait is for the second half of the season. I’m getting closer to the end of my series re-read, I’m mid-way through A Breath of Snow & Ashes now, and it is just as riveting as it was the first time I read it. Mostly because I’ve forgotten everything that happened, so it’s basically like reading it for the first time. The Fiery Cross was just as sloggy as it was the first time, so it’s nice to find myself actually on the edge of my seat again with the series.

On to reviews!

Caitriona Balfe gives her best performance to date, evoking Claire’s pain through a whole range of emotions: shock, sadness, anger, self-doubt. It’s powerful, heartbreaking stuff that leaves you wondering how anyone could still doubt the intelligence and weight of this show.”- AV Club

See, after searching for Claire o’er hill and dale, they’ve decided she obviously ran off with the unknown highlander spotted lurking under her window. Case closed, please leave our office so we can drink our spiked coffee in peace. Which: Are you fucking serious? A woman disappears after a man’s been spotted creeping under her window and your first assumption is something other than Murder Most Foul? Jesus, did all the half-decent cops die in the war?”Jezebel

Frank needs more than a bloody cup of tea and heads to the bar. He doesn’t look like he could keep up with Claire in the drinking department. But he does seem to have her same decision making skills when a nameless young lady says she can take him to the Scotsman pictured on the wanted posters. Once she mentions for him to bring the reward money with him, he should have heard the alarm bells. It’s surely a trap, I thought. But he’s more interested to know, “is he with her?“- Professional Fangirls

The Reverend is insisting to Frank that Claire could have fallen into the river after getting lost at Craigh na dun and been carried downstream. Oh, and carried away 20 miles because the current is fast. But totally not dead, he assures Frank she could have made it to shore and found shelter in a cave and is probably still there, subsisting on fish and frogs. It’s a good thing he’s a reverend and not a detective. Frank looks thoroughly unimpressed with this theory.“- Caitrionation

I want to begin tonight’s review of Outlander by praising Tobias Menzies, who elevates every scene that he’s in. His dual roles as Frank/Jon Randall are so important to the show; not just in terms of plot, but how real he makes these people. Frank is a distinct character from Jon, but they’re not mirror opposites. Frank’s rage at losing Claire pushes him to the edge, but the difference between Frank and Jon is that Frank chooses to be better. In a show about agency and choice, he is one of the good guys.”- TV Over Mind

“See? Got it!” Watching Claire, you can tell she’s not taking it as seriously as they are, even though she’s cooperating and willing to learn. She thinks it’s sort of a game, not a skill she will need in a life-and-death emergency.”- Outlandish Observations


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