Jen- More Scottish music to keep the flames alive

I thought I would get my life back for a while during hiatus, because I spent literally every spare moment of thought I had on Outlander for the past 8 or so weeks. Probably for like two months before the show even started, too. But no, I am still reading the casts’ Twitters and following every blog post I can find.

Last week in my reviews round-up I totally forgot to include a section on music. Mostly, this is because I hit my phone’s data cap that week and couldn’t use Spotify to find something new and good, and I neglected to think about the back catalog of awesome Scottish bands I already knew about.

Bands like… The Jesus and Mary Chain! (Full disclosure- I didn’t actually know they were Scottish until a couple of weeks ago, I thought they were English). This has been a favorite song of mine for years, and look at all that 80s-ness:

And, of course, Mogwai. THE band for Scottish indie rock. We saw Mogwai play at an All Tomorrow’s Parties festival in England in 2005, it was amazing. The festival was at a beach resort in Camber Sands, in the middle of February. The cabins were freezing, but the bands were incredible and the liter bottles of Strongbow were plentiful (and, it turns out, kind of a bad idea to drink as many as I did, at least for the train ride back to London massively hungover at the end of the weekend).


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