Drew – New Podcast!


Oh, wow! An actual Episode 1! Download direct here, subscribe in iTunes, or get it straight from Libsyn! We talk about the first two episodes of Outlander – Jen cops to listening to the show’s theme waaaay too much and Drew wonders is Claire is overpowered. We also talk about Vacation Nope Moments and the tricky art that is casting.


4 thoughts on “Drew – New Podcast!

  1. Woo hoo! I finally got to listen to the podcast and y’all are batting 1000. Can’t wait for Podcast #2.

    When Drew remarked that Claire is ungrateful, I SHOUTED, “Yes!” at my radio! Nailed it, Drew! Ungrateful and rather petulant in my never-humble opinion.

    One thing no one ever seems to talk about is Jamie’s motivation in his early attraction and attachment to Claire. I think Jen is spot-on when she talked about Jamie showing off for Claire.

    Beyond the obvious physical attraction, let’s consider what Jamie has told Claire:

    He’s young. His father is dead, and he feels responsible. He thinks his sister is the mistress of a Redcoat and has born Jack Randall’s child, and he feels responsible. He can’t be at home, looking after his tenants. He’s spent time as a mercenary, but now he’s separated from his best friend. He’s spent time as an outlaw. The uncles with whom he’s entitled to feel safe are a dodgy pair at best. (D Gabs has written an instructive essay on the importance of his maternal uncles to a boy in a tribal society.) He’s well educated. Murtagh is his only lifeline — the only one who loves him and has his back.

    What can we observe about him? He’s romantic in the tradition of chivalry and courtly love. He thinks Claire has been kind to him. He yearns for a connection, the sort his parents had, and he’s hanging his hopes on Claire.

    Jamie and Claire are in similar circumstances. They’re both Strangers in a strange land. They’re both fish out of water, they’re both on Jack Randall’s radar. They’re both in danger from multiple directions.

    The issue of what’s driving Jamie is on my mind since hearing the podcast, then re-watching The Wedding. For me it’s painful to watch Jamie work so hard to please Claire, for relatively little payoff. She’s so self absorbed she can’t even be kind to him.


    • Glad you enjoyed it! We should be recording/releasing #2 this weekend. In prep I’m rewatching episodes 3 and 4 and dang does Claire have a case of ‘I Know I’m A Main Character’ syndrome. I still need to read The Exile, the graphic novel from Jamie’s POV, so maybe I’ll get a better handle on Jamie’s motivations then. Right now I get the sense that he’s So Over his clan and wants to latch on to the first thing that’s Not Scottish he sees.


      • Jamie’s relationship with his own clan, the Fraser’s, is quite fraught. We don’t learn about it until the second book. But we know from The Wedding that his father, due to eloping with Ellen MacKenzie, was estranged from his family.

        In the piece Diana wrote about young men and their maternal uncles in tribal society, she explains that, while no one can be completely sure who a child’s father is, you always know who your mother is. So a boy’s maternal uncles — his mother’s brothers — may be even more important to him than his own father. While Jamie was quite close to his father, he spent time as a teenager in both Dougal’s and Colum’s homes. (In the book Jamie and Dougal are both left handed, and Dougal teaches Jamie how to fight with swords and knives.)

        But Dougal and Colum are both fearful that Jamie may want to become next Laird of the MacKenzies. Jamie is attractive, and a good leader, and could — as Murtagh explains to Claire in The Gathering — supplant Dougal and Hamish if he wanted to. The clan has, as Murtagh explained, a tanist, an heir apparent selected from a pool of likely successors to the present Laird, who’s not necessarily the Laird’s eldest son. If Colum dies, the clan must approve the new Laird, and they could very possibly, choose Jamie.

        Dougal and Colum also want to get their hands on Jamie’s property. So the uncles who should be a source of security for him are problematical.

        I hadn’t thought until you mentioned it that Claire’s non-Scottishness would appeal to Jamie. I just saw him as lonely and seeking a connection. But your point is interesting. We know Jamie has a University education. In the eighteenth century the University of Paris was among the greatest universities in the world. And he spent time as a mercenary in the French army. So the fact that Claire is English is, I think, not as off-putting to him as it is to the other Highlanders.


  2. I just wanted to chime in to agree! I think in the book it was way more apparent that Claire was Totes Into Jamie, and she doesn’t feel all that guilty about it. But the weakness of the book is that she is constantly talking about Frank and wanting to get back to Frank, and as readers we had no idea who Frank was other than a barely seen boring dude. I wish the show had spent a smidgen more time building the Jamie and Claire relationship as more two-sided given that they are really putting the time into Frank (which I don’t necessarily mind, because I think it makes Claire seem more realistic and loving and loyal, she married the guy after all, so it makes sense that she would want to get back to him). I totally agree about the wedding- poor Jamie trying his best! I am really hoping that episode 9 comes in with some fantastic Jamie characterization to balance things out.


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