Jen- We have Podcasts!

Ok, we neglected to post here when we put up Episode 3 of our podcast (in which we discuss Rent and The Garrison Commander). That episode is up, as well as Episode 4 (in which we discuss The Wedding and Both Sides Now). iTunes download or direct download Episode 3 and direct download Episode 4.

Stay tuned for our next podcast, which we recorded this past weekend, it is a True Delight.


2 thoughts on “Jen- We have Podcasts!

  1. Just listened to the podcast about The Wedding/Both Sides Now. Good job as always.

    Am I the only one who wondered why Claire rode in the wagon all the way to Fort William with a dagger in her boot and did nothing to escape? She could have simply cut her ropes and sllipped quietly over the tail of the wagon, couldn’t she?


    • Thanks! I never thought of that, but that’s a really good point! Seriously, Claire! She is usually so headstrong when it doesn’t suit the situation, she could have at least tried to escape!


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