Jen- Winter Music

Here’s some more Scottish music. OMG, how many more days until April?!

Here’s a band called Olympic Swimmers. They have a really nice dreamy Sarah Records-esque sound.

And here’s Nieves, with a folkier sound:


Jen- Biding our time through the Droughtlander hiatus

84 days until Outlander comes back! We’ve been biding our time watching the Australian show Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries obsessively. It’s really, really good, I highly recommend spending a few of your Droughtlander weeks mainlining the show.

More Scottish music! Because I don’t have a problem.

Here’s Campfires in Winter doing an acoustic version of a song I just adore. The recorded version is pretty emo and guitars crash into the chorus, but you still get a sense of the fantastic melody in the song from this version.