Jen- A book and a music

Here in New England we are really being pummeled by winter. The sky this morning was lead gray, it was half-heartedly snowing, and my train was running late. I needed something bright and summery and uplifting, and I managed to land on a new-to-me band that is just that! Glasgow’s Be A Familiar is just what I needed to slog through the morning commute.

I also read a new time travel book, so if you have read and re-read all the Outlander books and need something else to scratch that itch, I highly recommend Loop, by Karen Akins. It’s a YA book, so it’s a fast read, but one of the things I like about YA books is the skill it takes for an author to establish world building, characters, and plot in less pages than the average adult book. Like, George Martin couldn’t fathom tightening up his writing to get business done in just a few hundred pages. Efficiency! So this book sets up a well-thought out time travel-enabled future world, a couple of fleshed out main characters (and the heroine actually grows and becomes a better person through the book! how refreshing!), and moves along a fast-paced adventure plot in a really engaging way. I actually got sad partway through the book because I didn’t want it to end, like, ever. Luckily it was published a year ago and there’s a sequel coming out next month.