Jen- Unearthed some more episode reviews

Are we excited for April 4th?? Two weeks!! OMG.

I was browsing through reviews on Smart Bitches Trashy Books trying to find some new books to queue up on my Kindle, because I am having a really specific need for something Scottish, romantic, and possibly gothic and mysterious. (Which, incidentally, if any readers have book recommendations I will gladly take them!) And I noticed they do Outlander episode recaps. Sweet! Here are the links, because it was a little hard to find them all.

Episode One

Episode Two

Episode Three

Episode Four

Episode Five

Episode Six

Episode Seven

Episode Eight


Jen- Wee Scottish bands

I think Outlander fans are going to be pouring all of our cash into the coffers of the Scottish tourism industry this spring and summer. I say that as we are planning a trip to Scotland- I had to contact probably a dozen B&Bs in Inverness to find any with vacancies. But I did find one! Inverness! I can’t believe I’m finally going to be there, I’ve dreamed of visiting Scotland for pretty much my entire remembered life.

I discovered this band (one guy in his Edinburgh bedroom, to be precise) recently: Mt. Doubt. This is just fantastic, this song blows my mind.

I just found this band on Bandcamp by randomly clicking on the “scottish” tag, and I am so impressed. I like my Scottish rock with a heavy emo influence, and these guys deliver. They’re from Dundee- I think this is the first band I’ve posted about that’s not from Glasgow or Edinburgh.

Jen- More hiatus music

We’re officially less than a month away from new Outlander! OMG. Here’s some more Scottish bands to listen to while you’re waiting for highlanders to grace our screens once again.

Pale Fire- This Glasgow band is releasing their debut album tomorrow, and the first tracks they’ve put out are amazing. Like, this band is going to be huge. The production is rich, the songs are tight, and it all sounds very Scottish. No videos yet, just Soundcloud: 

The Winter Tradition- A band from Edinburgh. I have been listening to these guys a lot lately, I really like their anthemic sound.

We Were Hunted- I’m pretty sure everyone in Glasgow is in a band. Here’s another Glasgow band making catchy rock music.