Jen- Wee Scottish bands

I think Outlander fans are going to be pouring all of our cash into the coffers of the Scottish tourism industry this spring and summer. I say that as we are planning a trip to Scotland- I had to contact probably a dozen B&Bs in Inverness to find any with vacancies. But I did find one! Inverness! I can’t believe I’m finally going to be there, I’ve dreamed of visiting Scotland for pretty much my entire remembered life.

I discovered this band (one guy in his Edinburgh bedroom, to be precise) recently: Mt. Doubt. This is just fantastic, this song blows my mind.

I just found this band on Bandcamp by randomly clicking on the “scottish” tag, and I am so impressed. I like my Scottish rock with a heavy emo influence, and these guys deliver. They’re from Dundee- I think this is the first band I’ve posted about that’s not from Glasgow or Edinburgh.


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