Jen- A great general review of Outlander

I just found this review, and it’s so well-written and thoughtful, I have to share it.

“But it’s not fair to saddle it with “This is a show for THE GALS” praise either. Tom’s “lady” teasing was off-base, because the flip side of the character is that she embodies so many classic hero traits, including the negative ones. Claire is clever, but not so clever she sails through the story. She’s also occasionally infuriating and stubborn, not to mention reckless and too self-assured for her own good in a world like this. She also has a tendency to enjoy getting drunk, which is both endearing (Because who wouldn’t get drunk in that situation?) and also maddening given the surroundings and potential danger she’s in. The point is, she’s not just a classic heroine, she’s a classic hero, period. Which isn’t to take anything away from the distinctly female way her heroism is expressed, nor is it meant to imply that male heroism is the more pure or desirable form. We simply mean that we see no difference between Claire Beauchamp Randall and dozens if not hundreds of male counterparts in similar types of stories, from Jon Snow to Han Solo. She’s fiercely moral, brave, clever, strong, lusty and funny.”–  Tom & Lorenzo


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