Jen & Drew- Live Chat Episode 10, With Special Guest!

This week we welcomed back Tenillypo from Despair in the Afternoon to watch the episode and live chat with us. Yes, we all sit around our living room drinking wine/beers and communicating through our laptops. What? This is modern life. Also, I like snark better when it is not getting in the way of my hearing the actual show.

Live chat this way!

Tenillypo: hello

Jen: Hi

Drew: This?

Jen: Yes


Drew: This working? Google, you are messing this up 100%

Jen: Halp us Google


Jen: This is going to be a beast to transcribe

Are we ready?

Tenillypo: Punch it, Chewy

Drew: Do you mean THE BEST to transcribe?

Ray Bradbury ahoy!

Jen: Ray Bradbury? Isn’t that a Macbeth reference? Or am I an idiot?

Tenillypo: I just spilled wine down my shirt. This is going to be amazing.

Drew: Don’t they flush a Ghoulie down the toilet and it ends up eating a butt? That happened in Something Wicked This Way Comes, right? Or was it Ghoulies?

80s horror yo

Jen: No never visit someone sometimes when they are creepy, Claire!

Drew: Sad Ben Franklin! Crazy Eyes! Larry Frost!

The gang’s all here

Tenillypo: Then she’d have no one to talk to.

Jen: This song is perfection

Drew: The Dunk of Sandwichham is here

Jen: That is your Boston ComicCon costume.

Drew: Claire is gonna be there, yanno

Meanwhile, on the pron planet…Breakfast in bed SOMEONE HAD TO SAY IT

Jen: OMG

Tenillypo: Thanks, Drew


Jen: Look, this is free weekend for Starz to try to get more subscribers. Give the people what they want!

Drew: Good jorb beardo.

Tenillypo: I’m so distracted by his pants right now

Jen: It is actually historically accurate!

Drew: They’re nice pants. A fine twill.

Jen: I read a website that told me so.


Jen: I mean, it is cold there, they must have worn pants sometimes

Tenillypo: His junk should be free!

Drew: Maybe it’s not pants, just two skinny kilts.

Jen: Original hipster yo

Drew: Thrill to legal ramblings!

Tenillypo: Wait, even if the murder charge was cleared, wouldn’t he still be wanted from blowing up the Fort at this point?

Jen: I am not sure anyone but Black Jack knows who was involved in the fort blowing up

Drew: I think the Fort just blew up on its own. Poor English workmanship.

Tenillypo: Well, he knows Jaime broke in…

Jen: This is really interesting, this whole discussion never happened in the books

Drew: Only the law librarian would find that interesting.

Jen: Hey! That’s… true

Drew: Mrs Padmore looks more and more like a California Raisin.

Jen: Uh, Claire, how is this conversation going to be helpful?

That is not helping, Claire!

Drew: Go go Team Larry!

…but tell me more about “swine drunk” says Claire. Farty Wizard!

Jen: Yes, the gassy guy!

Everything I love in a show, some dude yelling about farts and some long serious talks about The Law

Drew: That’s me, by the way.

I am the Merlin of Fart Yelling.

Jen: What?! The woods are dark and creepy in modern times, I’m not going into night woods if I ever travel back in time!

Tenillypo: Oh, not me. I’ll live in the woods and be a weird nymph lady

Jen: Would you, really?

Drew: What kind of Forest Goddess demands her worshipers wear only the flimsyist of clothes?

And then throw torches about?

Tenillypo: Oh, definitely.

Jen: That’s how forest fires get started, Geilis!

Tenillypo: I like how Claire’s in furs and they’re wearing curtains

Drew: I see she knows the Old West way of loving Mother Earth.

Tenillypo: Orgasmic wood rituals demand cold nipples!

Drew: She just lampshaded her own nipples.

Jen: Oh snap!

Tenillypo: Plot twist!

Drew: That is one smoking baby in a ditch, there Crazy Eyes.

What is going on with those jackets.


When I’m a wood nymph, I’m getting pointy hood

Drew: And Claire is an Eskimo?

Jen: Remember, audience? Remember that scene from 9 episodes ago?

Tenillypo: Lucky Claire has a such a good memory for such boring conversations!

Drew: The Wee Folk, aka raccoons.

Jen: The most nurturing of nature’s fairies. If she saw an actual fairy on the hill this show would take a total 180 away from the book


Tenillypo: How did he know to find her on dead baby hill?

Drew: Do babies even die like that? Able to yell loudly, then one cough, and nothing?

…and he just boots it over the side

Jen: And, this baby goes back in the tree

Drew: File Dead Baby under Tree for tuberculosis

Jen: But how does this changeling myth work for people if they leave a baby on a hill and NO ONE’S HUMAN BABY IS EVER RETURNED?

Drew: Why would the fae give back their hostage?

Hey! It’s that guy! He’s been the murderer/murdered on many a Midsomer Murders. At least Claire isn’t getting drunk before trying to scheme this time.

Jen: Oh, olden times, when threats of beheadings were so casual and so realistic

Now Claire can get drunk!

Drew: Meanwhile, in Castle Muddbutt.

Jen: What?!

They are so off book in this episode. This is like the best most awesome fan fiction

Tenillypo: Why is he killing the furniture? Now where will they get drunk?

Drew: Good thing he didn’t smack himself with his swordhand.

Tenillypo: At the rate people die on this show, if this is the typical reaction, it’s a wonder they have any tables left

Also hard to care about this when we know he was boning witch nymph lady…?

Drew: Don’t pour one out….!

Now draw a wang on his face!

Tenillypo: Man, I need some of that drugged wine for my next red eye

Drew: Uggos work in the mud!

Jen: Claire now regretting her one friend

Tenillypo: PANTS!

Drew: Why would you hang around with Crazy Eyes after that? “Yeah, I killed that woman and will prolly kill again. Tee Hee!”

Jen: I like the Duke’s honesty

Tenillypo: I want to be eccentric and rich!

Drew: I Loathe Work! – That’s a notable quotable.

Tenillypo: It looks like so much fun

Drew: A duel with Ronald McDonald!??

“Nobody is touching my bowl of fruit stack!” worries Mrs. Padmore.

Tenillypo: Good job murdering that cake… thing

Drew: So what is in the cake thing? It’s… it’s not the tree baby is it

Farty is gonna do his dance! Oh wait

Tenillypo: Good poker face, murder nymph

Jen: This is like the only thing in this episode that happened in the book. This and the dead baby on the hill

Drew: Murder Nymph was the name of my second band.

Tenillypo: Ok, now I’m distracted by Claire’s furry choker

Drew: Oh hey, it’s that one scene from the opening.

Jen: What? I don’t understand how this duel works

Did they fire into the air?

Drew: Yeah, the fact that they fired is enough.

Tenillypo: Well, that escalated quickly

Drew: Claire all mad he didn’t keep to his shoulder wounds only promise.

They said numbskull back then? Crazy Legs is chewing up the tapestries tonight.

Tenillypo: Usually I’m team!CrazyLegs, but he’s kind of being a bag of dicks.

Drew: “Well, after a good shout, it’s time to feed my ravens. Here you go, Luna Lovegood.”

…hard miles…

Jen: I love the continuity of having that kid back!

Drew: Uh oh! A letter! Soon a number!

Thugs! Armed thugs! At the door

Jen: Shit is about to go down!

Next week! Larry! In the background, twirling a mustache!

Drew: Thanks thug. Thanks for giving me that ‘feisty little witch’ accolade.

“So much of that was completely made up.” Jen, 2014, regarding a fictional time travel story.


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