Jen- Reviews Round-Up, Episode Ten: By the Pricking of My Thumbs

It’s already Friday night, I’m super late for the reviews round up this week. Let’s get to it!

First, a gif-based recap:

“Anyway, put that fairy baby back and stop acting like it’s 1946 and everyone around you just doesn’t know it!”Tom and Lorenzo

“Even with all the restrictions and patriarchal social norms of her new world, Claire finds ways to take control of her life and wield power. Here, she uses knowledge as her weapon, going behind Jamie’s back to help save his life. Last week, Jamie realized that he and Claire have—or should have—equal power over one another. Even if he doesn’t quite realize it, she’s as much his protector and savior as he is hers. When Outlander plays with and obscures those lines between hero and victim, it becomes not only an exciting action-romance-time-travel-thriller, but also a smart and subversive series”AV Club

“Laoghaire’s vendetta against Claire certainly has the potential to be interesting. Witch accusations are common fare in historical fiction, but these stories usually result from men wishing to punish female characters for getting in their way. The idea of a female character attempting to destroy another female character through such a gender-based accusation could create an intriguing dynamic, especially if there’s the possibility that the accuser believes the accusations, or if the accusation spins out of the accuser’s control and causes far more damage than intended.”Feminist Fiction

“But I always have to laugh whenever Jamie warns Claire not to do something. I want to scream at the television, “REALLY DUDE?! Have you MET your wife? You spanked her because she wouldn’t listen; do you just think she’s always going to listen to you now?” The note she was sent, though, was shamefully inadequate. ‘Come quickly.’ Seriously? Geillis could’ve meant that she got a last minute mani/pedi appointment and they had to leave right then to get there in time.”Outlander Dreaming

I really like the way this blogger makes me re-evaluate my reaction to the Laoghaire scenes:

“Let me be blunt here – and not all of you are going to agree with me….in fact I expect very few of you to totally agree with me and that is okay….the whole way Claire approached Laoghaire and talked to her was, in my opinion, not really appropriate. Firstly, Claire is married to Jamie, a man she didn’t want to marry and was only very recently trying to leave to go back to her husband. Secondly, to confront someone over an issue is fine, but to do it in such a public way – in the kitchens where almost anyone can over hear – in not fine. Lastly, Claire is at least 9 years older than Laoghaire (going by the ages they are in the books). Let’s be real here for a moment: Claire and Laoghaire are equals, but they are not peers.”Outlander Musings

Here is part of a review that makes me think I’m not crazy for thinking that the show hasn’t quite built up the Jamie and Claire relationship enough to be at comparable book-level:

“The conversation starts with Claire trying to be understanding — after all, Leery is sixteen, a volatile age in any era — and ends with Leery getting slapped. Claire warns her to stay away from her husband and I am super confused. If my timeline is right, Claire was trying to get to Frank less than a week ago and now she’s acting righteously upset about some strumpet trying to ruin her marriage to Jamie. So, I guess this is point where the metaphorical strand of pearls officially breaks and Claire makes a conscious decision to make this insane time travel accident work? A woman with one foot out of the stone circle wouldn’t be this irate about a former flame of her beard of a ‘husband’.”HitFix

And now, some Scottish music. This is New Year Memorial, a brand-new band featuring Nicholas McManus, the frontman of There Will Be Fireworks (that band I keep talking about incessantly because when I’m not talking about Outlander I am yammering about Scottish indie rock). This guy writes music that is just genius, it’s so beautiful.


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