Jen- Reviews Round-Up, Episode Eleven: The Devil’s Mark

Super late on this! We actually just watched Lallybroch, but I need to close the loop on last week’s episode first. Reviews!

“And all Claire thought she wanted was to go home. What she really wanted was the chance to make a choice. Should I stay or should I go? Jamie gives her the space to make that choice- the first major choice she’s had the freedom to make since she left 1945. Frank would never give her that space. Jamie did.”Smart Bitches Trashy Books

“Jamie, beautiful perfect Jamie, is alone by his fire, crying when Claire says, “On your feet, soldier.” Jamie opens his eyes and is tearful and joyous and so are our loins. Jamie and Claire kiss like it’s the last kiss of their lives, their faces bathed in Jamie’s delicious sexy man tears.”The Toast

“Realization dawns on Claire too late and Geillis reveals her pregnancy (among other things) as proof she’s had intimate relations with Satan.

That’s not a very nice thing to call Dougal!”HitFix

“And so Geillis pulls out all the stops. I’ve been back-and-forth about ol’ Geillis—she might be a lovely lunch companion, but she did pretty blatantly murder her husband. It was a character highlight, though, when she started ripping off her clothes and screaming that she was carrying the devil’s child and she’d manipulated Claire all along“- Jezebel

“It sounds silly to say a show has “everything” or “it all,” because such phrases are pretty empty exaggerations, but when it comes to Outlander, I sometimes do hear the voice of Bill Hader’s Stefon saying “this show has everything.” The writers use each of the show’s many genres to create different shades of dramatic stakes.”AV Club

“On the second day of the trial, things got very out of hand. Larry whipped everyone into a frenzy with her tearful rendition of “The Boy Is Mine” and mentioned that Claire had struck her, and Claire was like, “Wouldn’t you? Wouldn’t all of you? The girl’s a B.” Which, you know, did not sit well with the village, 99 percent of whom were probably closely related to Larry. Then Father Bain came in and put on a SHOW. A super dramatic monologue about how Claire’s superior skill in practicing medicine was forcing him, a priest, to leave the village. In terms of spectacle, this was the equivalent of jumping a motorcycle over 40 flaming Cadillacs.”-

Finally, this week’s Scottish music, a band called This Familiar Smile.


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