Jen- Review, Episode 12: Lallybroch

I loved this episode! I was worried that it would end up feeling too much like a hodgepodge like By the Pricking of My Thumbs, because in the book this is a big break in the action. Writer Anne Kenney knocked it out of the park, as she has been doing (she wrote The Wedding).

I really got the sense through the episode that Claire is all in with Jamie. I love seeing happy married Claire and Jamie! It just warms my heart. Their airplane talk in the opening scene was fantastic. I wish we had gotten a scene of their dialogue after she comes back to him from the stones, but my impression from Ron Moore’s podcast is that dialogue ended up on the cutting room floor last episode. I really hope we get it in deleted scenes on the dvd!

So glad they left out the ball grabbing (in the book, Jenny grabs Jamie’s nether region while they argue outside Lallybroch, and it’s Super WEIRD).

How cute is Young Jamie?! These adorable little Scottish children on the show are killing me with cuteness. Laura Donnelly is perfect as Jenny! I have a weird relationship with Book Jenny because I liked her a lot in the first book, but her characterization gets weird through the series. I also always felt like she’s a bit of a Mary Sue stand-in for Gabaldon. The casting for Ian is not what I had in mind, but after watching this episode he totally works. Ian is such a warm, calm presence, I do love that character.

Ugh, Black Jack. Tobias Menzies deserves some awards for being the creepiest, most disturbing villain.

What’s with the snoopy looking maid lurking in the hallway during Claire and Jamie’s little “I’m the laird, act like a laird’s wife” argument? It seemed like she was lurking for a reason?

Drunk Jamie! That was the best! We need more drunk Jamie being all “The Laird, that’s me” and talking about elephants. It was also nice to see Jamie being kind of terrible at being a laird, but trying so hard.

Ian and Claire’s little talk was so nice. Then we got the big I love you conversation with Claire and Jamie! *squeal* That was perfect!

Last thought: where’s Murtagh?! Isn’t he supposed to be there with them?


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