Jen & Drew- Live Chat, Episode 13: The Watch

Jen: Are you ready?!

Drew: SOOooo we’re watching that Big Boxing Match that I have never expressed any interest in but now dearly wish to see?

Jen: Ha ha

I can’t believe that after this episode we’ll only have 3 left in this season

Drew: Only!

This song shifts perspective too much. C+

Also, this show has promised hot field hockey action for like 13 eps and has yet to deliver.

Jen: You saw that shinty game in episode 4!

Drew: Shinty game?

Jen: Oh I have heard good things about the director for this episode

I am already tense! It’s only 1 minute in!

Drew: Who is MacTavish? A man of mystery?

So this is the local MacMob Boss, right?

Jen: Yup

Drew: I want to see a mule on fire kick stuff

Jen: Ah shut up Claire

She is making me nervous

Drew: Seriously. She is the worst spy.

Jen: I know, right

Drew: Knock Knock. It’s the Jerk Squad.

Uh Oh. Winkle Face is about to be an issue.

Jen: WTF these watch guys are super jerks

Drew: None shall be seated during the Fire Scene.

So is this from the books?

Jen: Oh shit

No this is all off book

Drew: Sexy Horrocks!

Jen: That was a nice creepy wink Horrocks. Guess who’s getting another bag of gold

Drew: More like a sack of gold if you know what i mean

(Jamie’s balls)

Jen: In the book the Lallybroch chapters are all nice and calm and Claire and Jamie just have nice domestic and romantic times

Drew: (Jamie’s balls)

Jen: These Scottish children are too adorable

Drew: It’s a Changeling, Jenny. Don’t fall for its spell.

Jen: Oh that’s right, I forgot, Jamie and Ian fought side by side because Jamie is left handed

Drew: Awww. Did they knuffle their tumkins when the googie was so?

Time to strangle that baby in the womb, Claire. I want to join the Black Watch, Jen. I can be a hanger on.

Jen: You want to barge into people’s houses and make them uncomfortable while eating all their food?

Drew: Yes. Also I want to look like Zach Galifinackis, just like Horrocks.


I hope this baby bursts Kool Aid Man style into this world.

Like, yanno, nature dictates.

Jen: Shouldn’t Claire call for a midwife? She’s a combat nurse, how many babies has she delivered?

Drew: She’s delivered bullet babies.

Also, she wants to kill Jenny. There can be only one.

Jen: This weird talk is straight from the book. Gabaldon is so weired

Oh, they did try to call the midwife. Ugh it is just going to be gross

Drew: oh no the baby will be born in this taxi cab it has never been done before snnnnnzzzzzz

Jen: No but breech is still dangerous even today in modern times. They aren’t supposed to come out feet first!

Drew: Ungh. Sibling siblrey.

Isn’t there some plant she could eat? Or maybe she could do the Geillis dance? or she could get that stick out of her butt

Jen: Eeeeeee this is a great book line

Drew: So this is setting up the reasons for Future Things, huh?

Jen: Well I think it’s more explanation for why she isn’t knocked up yet because they have been doing it quite a lot

Drew: Boston is an expensive city, Horrocks.


Jen: Whoa was not expecting sword in the back

Yas, Ian!

Drew: Ian goes crazy with bloodlust.

Ian is so lonely.

Jen: Oh Jamie’s little snake!

In the book he carries it in his sporran all the time

Drew: He has a serpent in his sporran, I bet.

Ungh. Just murder her Claire and get it over with.

Jen: Oh My God any dude yelling at a woman giving birth needs to be kicked in the balls for like an hour

Drew: So did they not understand optimal cup construction back then or do they just have a really crappy potter at Castle Lollipop?

This guy seems like a reasonable thug to work for.

Jen: He can do math!

Drew: No dental, sure.

Jen: That took an unexpected turn

Drew: But lots of butter in the crock.

Like, he’s everything Dougal could have been. Also, he has nice hair. I’m in love, Jenny. Sorry, Larry, you’re gawped back to #2.

Jen: You have my best wishes, you and grimy local thug #1

Drew: Woah, That’s Mr. Grimy Local Thug #1 to you, hussy.

How much older than Jamie was dead Willie?

Jen: He was like 5 or 8 years older

Drew: So he was 10-13 when he carved that snake?

That’s primo Etsy wank right there.

Jen: *fanning myself* OMG they are the best couple on tv ever

Drew: Woah, Hawkeye’s wife is totally fine with Clint being and Avenger.

Jen: You’ve got a money making Etsy scheme there. Drew’s Totally Old Timey Good Enough Snake Carving

We are crossing our banter!


Jen: You love that Poem Skull don’t you?


STARZ STARZWATCH PLZWATCH Get me that watch, Jamie. plz

Jen: So it’s going to be raining like that the entire we’re in Scotland right?

Drew: Yep.

Jen: This childbirth is making me more uncomfortable than the dudes with guns.

Can’t she do a c-section? That was invented for Julius Casear, wasn’t it?!

Drew: …

Do you even lift, bro?

Jen: Gasp!

Drew: Time for Jenny to bleed out?

Or Ian. Or Jamie. Just tell me the watch is okay.

Jen: Drew & Skull Watch = OTP

Drew: That’s Mr Skull Watch to you.

Those are some mad big earrings.

Jen: OMG they remembered the bracelets!

I am excited about this!

Drew: Murdoch’s got claws, yo.

Jamie wanted the watch too. That’s why he stayed.

Jen: That was really good!

Drew: Cut to Jamie poking furiously at his Uber app. “Why won’t anyone pick up form the Highlands!” he moans to the sky.

Jen: I can’t wait for next week! Agh!

Drew: The episode is called the Watch. It is all about the watch. The Watch.


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