Jen- Reviews Roundup, Episode 12- Lallybroch

I guess we are way busier in the spring than we were in the fall! Belatedly, here are the best in reviews for last week’s episode, Lallybroch.

“And just as Claire isn’t simply reduced to a monolithic “victim” in this world, neither are Jamie nor Jenny. But Jamie isn’t the show’s monolithic hero, either. He doesn’t only misjudge his sister; he doesn’t know how to be a good leader. He rolls into Lallybroch as the new laird, expecting to call the shots, but his ego gets the best of him. Claire and Jamie are often united by their desire to help others, but sometimes they care almost too much, doing more harm than good.“- AV Club

“Jenny bursts into hysterical laughter at her situation and Black Jack bristles under this turn of events. I’m reminded of an old quote. Margaret Atwood once asked groups of men and groups of women what their biggest fear of the opposite sex was. The response? “Men are afraid that women will laugh at them. Women are afraid that men will kill them.”HitFix

“Thank God for good acting because the subtle performances in this episode were stellar and oh so revealing of what the characters were thinking without the benefit of a voice-over. At first sight, both Jamie and Claire are awed at the vision of Lallybroch on the horizon (I was too!). For the first time in years, Jamie sees his estate and you could read the “there’s no place like home” look on his face. It was a mixture of longing and pride. Claire, who had just made the monumental choice to stay with Jamie and all that means, is seeing what she believes is her new home. In fact, she is looking at the first real home she has known since childhood. It must have seemed like a fairy tale castle to her. “It’s just as you described it.” she breathes with wonder.”Beth Wesson

“Ian offers to go through the books with Jamie after dinner, and Jenny’s like maybe you should visit Father’s grave? He’d expect it, if he were alive. Jamie’s all no, he’d want me to go through the books before Quarter Day like a RESPONSIBLE ADULT AND I AM A RESPONSIBLE ADULT JENNY.

Ian tries to break the tension with stuffed cabbage. It does not work.”Smart Bitches Trashy Book

“In time, it’s revealed that Jamie’s attitude is the result of something familiar to many people in the same situation. When young, it’s easy to imagine what your life will look like when you’re grown. As a child, you have ideas about how you’ll act, what life will entail and what it will feel like to be an adult. Once grown, however, you come to realize that often those youthful expectations aren’t reasonable or even attainable. In the meantime, it takes time to adjust the parameters by which you measure your own success and, in some cases, what form maturity takes for you.”New York Times

“Jenny: Hey! Stone head! Have ye met my husband and the father of my children? Over there! The pirate with the doormat face!

Jamie: Oh. Hey. Hey, pirate.

Ian: Hey, Jamie.

Jenny: I should probably punch you in the bollocks for that.

Claire: Hello, I don’t believe we’ve met. I’m Claire Beauch-

Jenny: WHO DIS BITCH?”Tom and Lorenzo

A good photo recap on

Finally, some new Scottish music for the week: Eilidh Hadden:


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