Jen- Episode 13 Review: The Watch

Wow, this episode veered pretty far off-book. I actually liked it a lot. There isn’t much in the Lallybroch chapters in the book to form a climactic hour of tv around, so I’m on board with the adaptive liberties. Ron Moore says in his podcast for this episode that they had to give this some structure for tv, which makes a lot of sense.

I could have done with way less of the Jenny giving birth scenes, though I can understand that they wanted to give Claire her own story in this episode, and it was nice to see the women bonding. I am often squicked out by how Diana writes about motherhood, so I was not thrilled to hear one of Jenny’s book lines, but Toni Graphia (this episode’s writer) specifically mentioned in the podcast that she loved that line from the book. Sometimes I wonder if I read a different book, OMG. They left out the amazing conversation between Claire and Jamie when Claire ran to him from the stones- about how she can’t live without him, and how Jamie prayed for the strength to not beg her to stay. I so wish that conversation was in episode 11. I was glad, though, they kept Jamie’s line about being able to bear his own pain but not Claire’s. Jamie’s face, though, you could see him struggling with the idea that he would never be a father- well done, Sam Heughan.

Horrocks! Loved the change for how Jamie ultimately gets taken in by the Redcoats. That actor does have charisma- in the episode podcast Ron Moore says that after seeing Horrocks in Episode 8 they rewrote this episode to get the Horrocks actor back. I was genuinely tense for a lot of this episode, and the confrontation between Horrocks and Jamie was tightly wound. Having Ian kill Horrocks just at the moment I thought Jamie would do it, that was a well-written twist. Poor Ian!

Jamie and that piece of bread! That was a great scene. And then Claire and Jamie’s parting scene, perfection.


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