Jen & Drew- Live Chat, Episode 15- Wentworth Prison

Sorry for the hiatus, folks! We spent a week in Scotland (pictures and stuff to be posted… soon. It’s hard to get back into the groove again after vacation). We watched The Search while traveling, so we couldn’t do our live chat for it, and I think time has marched on past that ep, so I’m going to catch up to everyone else and post Wentworth. We watched it Monday night so we’re kind of belated on everything this week.

Here’s our chat. It was not a particularly chat-inducing episode, as I think you all could guess.

Drew: Claire and the Highlanders was the opening band at CeltFest ’97.

Jen: We listened to this song in the actual Scottish highlands!

Drew: I feel we missed an opportunity when we failed to bring a mud stained shift for you to run around in.

Jen: Drat, now we’ll have to go back again.

Drew: It will only take 5 days to get there thanks to US Air!
(They are the worst)

Jen: Agreed.
Eww, that is a super creepy title card

Drew: Dude is gonna whack-off on the scaffold. Hard. Core.

Jen: Not to distract from the gross hangings, but is that Linlithgow, do you think?

Drew: I don’t remember those powder sheds.
A phone call from the governor!
Oh, it’s just Black Jack.
How much work did they have to do to unplug the chimneys on these sets? Based on out trip, this place should be knee deep in birds.

Jen: Lots and lots of birds
Actually that’s not even an actor playing the prison warden, it’s a bunch of birds in a costume
That’s Linlithgow! We’ve been there!
There’s a gift shop after that gate

Drew: That’s where you puked!
A cunning plan!
So things are about to take a turn, huh.

Jen: Yeah, this is not going to go well

Drew: Gibbet is a fun word, tho.
Tell me about your night sweats, Jamie.

Jen: Uh, no one wants any gifts from you Black Jack

Drew: I choose to die of old age!

Jen: I never thought of this, but would it have been a better plan for Claire to go back to the stones and try to go back to like a few weeks ago to keep Jamie away from Lallybroch when the watch was going to be there?

Drew: Now you’re thinking.
Or she could go visit herself the moment before she goes through the stones the first time and be like, “You are going on an adventure. Bring a machine gun.”
Big guy was a plant this whole time! He’s actually Jamie and Claire’s son from the future!
(I’m making up my own show now.)
What’s the sound of one Frasier clapping?
How off book are they, dialogue wise?

Jen: They are pretty close, but in the book we get the story afterwards from Jamie telling Claire, because it’s her first person
but the hand thing definitely happened.. and so did this, and it gets worse

Drew: Less yakk’n, more locks unlatch’n!
Thank you!
Yes, you should have killed the Bad Guy like three months ago.
Is this the brute who in the book threatened Claire at the dinner scene instead of Nebby Corporal?

Jen: Probably a different brute, this brute is only in this scene in the book


Jen: OMG agreed, I am not going near stone circles

Drew: We need a corpse hole. It would really open up our hallway.
Not to mention getting rid of all these corpses.

Jen: I know the show is not going to go there, but in the book a wolf attacked Claire just then and she’s so mad she snaps its neck and kills it

Drew: wat
No fair. Jamie can’t even mend his own shirt now.

Jen: OMG are they doing the wolf thing?!
Ah, nope

Drew: Take those bossypants off, Claire.

Jen: What luck. Good thing Jamie’s mom was super hot.

Drew: Is there a prequel? She sounds like a better main character than Claire.

Jen: Prequel is actually being written
Prison Break Highlands Style next week!

Drew: Season finale

Jen: Yup. Not sure how they’re going to get everything from the book in there.

Drew: Are they going to make the actor playing Jamie wear one of those greenscreen gloves like Wacky Legs and Hobbles MacFriendzone?

Jen: I guess we’ll find out.
Well, this is one episode no one is going to re-watch


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