Jen & Drew- Episode 16 Live Chat, To Ransom A Man’s Soul

Here we are, at the end, Episode 16. I feel like this could have been 25 episodes and there still would have been some book things that might not have made it in, good luck to the writers next season fitting in an entire book into 13 episodes!

Our live chat after the jump! Also a picture of me wearing a Claire t-shirt that Drew made!

IMG_2254    ClaireShirt

Look at the awesome Claire shirt Drew made! And that’s a Scottish sword, because why not. Ignore the fact that I am the least photogenic person ever.

Here’s the chat:

Jen: We waited until 9:00 and everything

Drew: Second season finale!

Jen: Whoa that warning is serious business

Drew: There must be a camping musical number. “In tents violins”

Jen: They better not change the opening song for season 2!

Drew: Did that poor elk have to watch Jamie get savaged?

Still sorry we saw 0% shinty on our Scotland trip.

Jen: And 0% small stabby swords

Drew: (We saw 55% steps)

Camelot – it’s only a matte painting.

Jen: Now that I’ve seen so many real life castles I can actually tell the cgi when they clean up their castles

Drew: Jack aint shy about Wee Jackie.

Jen: Nope

Drew: So how much slash fiction has been written about that scene?

Jen: None. Literally no one ever ships Black Jack with anyone

Except maybe Black Jack + Grim Reaper

Drew: Black Jack + Falling Landslide

Ooh, even worse: Black Jack and Jack Black.

Jen: Highland coos!

To the rescue!


Jen: I definitely imagined way more cows involved in this scenario

Drew: You can really see the tight castle shots avoiding the gift shop.

Where did Claire get more good looking clothes?

Jen: Seriously, those pants are amazing

Drew: The Fast and the Furious are really stretching for their prequels.

Father Ansel makes everyone wear Nike shoes and wait for the comet Hale-Bopp.

I still want the Rat Wrangler job.

Jen: Throw a few rats on the set, then your day is done

Drew: Seriously.

Lots of Pieta imagery with this scene.

How could anyone get a boner with a SHATTERED HAND, Jack?

Jen: Seriously! Though I think Jack could? I don’t know. Dude is effed up.

But hey, this is the scene the author was most looking forward to seeing on screen. Gross

Drew: What. A. Weird. Beard.

You think she would have a better bedside manner for PTSD wounded.

I bet that monk is from the 1850s.

Seriously, the abbot is a grey alien hybrid.

Jen: Yes, I love this monk confession scene in the book!

Drew: Does it get sexy?

Jen: I freaking love time travel confessions

Like, I love time travel confessions SO MUCH

Drew: You should start making some up and going back to church.

Jen: Great idea!

Drew: Why did the Church turn away from the understanding, loving, forgiving aspect and ride the Jerk Rode to Inquisition Town for so long?

His hand is mostly mushrooms.

What is the purpose of the cloth tied around the neck? Did it serve a function?

Jen: I assume people’s necks got dirty and it was easier to change the cloth than to wash their necks?

Drew: Meanwhile, back at the ranch.

Dude got For Real.

So she’s preggers, huh? And only the wee baby will save Jamie’s soul.

Jen: Well, the baby is not going to save Jamie’s soul, but….

Drew: Jewel will!

Jen: What I’m saying is things are about to get weird

Drew: Trippy mind meld time.

How did she miss the brand when she was dressing his wounds?

This series has become pretty hard to crack jokes about.

Jen: Yeah these chats keep getting shorter

Drew: So do you think Starz will sell ‘JR’ coasters on their website?

That’s how I’m saying goodbye from now on.

Jen: Oh, I’m going to miss these Highlander dudes

Drew: Angus… Moore?

That explains so much.

Jen: Now you know my family history

Drew: So great great great grams was a sheep.

“Seriously, what are we going to do in France?” asks Ron Moore.

Oh. Wait. Moore and Moore. Angus is his Mary Sue.

Jen: C’mon, French court intrigues!

Drew: Murtagh all showing up to creepy on their happy huggins

Jen: They are Murtagh’s OTP

Drew: That was a fizzle of a finale.

Jen: How are we going to wait until the end of next summer??????

I like this version of the song

Drew: So you have to get the Season 1 Part 2 soundtrack and fill McReary’s boots with gold.

Or whatever the composer guy’s name is.


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