Jen & Drew- Live Chat, Episode 2×1: Through a Glass, Darkly

Aaaaannnnddd, we’re back! It feels good to dust this thing off again. The hiatus definitely dampened my all-consuming love for this show, but this episode started us off strong, and I feel things starting to ramp up again. I think  the show may have lost Drew a bit during the last two episodes of last season, and the long hiatus didn’t help. But we’re getting back in with the live chats, and at least my review will follow.

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Jen & Drew- Episode 16 Live Chat, To Ransom A Man’s Soul

Here we are, at the end, Episode 16. I feel like this could have been 25 episodes and there still would have been some book things that might not have made it in, good luck to the writers next season fitting in an entire book into 13 episodes!

Our live chat after the jump! Also a picture of me wearing a Claire t-shirt that Drew made!

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Jen & Drew- Live Chat, Episode 15- Wentworth Prison

Sorry for the hiatus, folks! We spent a week in Scotland (pictures and stuff to be posted… soon. It’s hard to get back into the groove again after vacation). We watched The Search while traveling, so we couldn’t do our live chat for it, and I think time has marched on past that ep, so I’m going to catch up to everyone else and post Wentworth. We watched it Monday night so we’re kind of belated on everything this week.

Here’s our chat. It was not a particularly chat-inducing episode, as I think you all could guess.

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Jen & Drew- Live Chat, Episode 13: The Watch

Jen: Are you ready?!

Drew: SOOooo we’re watching that Big Boxing Match that I have never expressed any interest in but now dearly wish to see?

Jen: Ha ha

I can’t believe that after this episode we’ll only have 3 left in this season

Drew: Only!

This song shifts perspective too much. C+

Also, this show has promised hot field hockey action for like 13 eps and has yet to deliver.

Jen: You saw that shinty game in episode 4!

Drew: Shinty game?

Jen: Oh I have heard good things about the director for this episode

I am already tense! It’s only 1 minute in!

Drew: Who is MacTavish? A man of mystery?

So this is the local MacMob Boss, right?

Jen: Yup

Drew: I want to see a mule on fire kick stuff

Jen: Ah shut up Claire

She is making me nervous

Drew: Seriously. She is the worst spy.

Jen: I know, right

Drew: Knock Knock. It’s the Jerk Squad.

Uh Oh. Winkle Face is about to be an issue.

Jen: WTF these watch guys are super jerks

Drew: None shall be seated during the Fire Scene.

So is this from the books?

Jen: Oh shit

No this is all off book

Drew: Sexy Horrocks!

Jen: That was a nice creepy wink Horrocks. Guess who’s getting another bag of gold

Drew: More like a sack of gold if you know what i mean

(Jamie’s balls)

Jen: In the book the Lallybroch chapters are all nice and calm and Claire and Jamie just have nice domestic and romantic times

Drew: (Jamie’s balls)

Jen: These Scottish children are too adorable

Drew: It’s a Changeling, Jenny. Don’t fall for its spell.

Jen: Oh that’s right, I forgot, Jamie and Ian fought side by side because Jamie is left handed

Drew: Awww. Did they knuffle their tumkins when the googie was so?

Time to strangle that baby in the womb, Claire. I want to join the Black Watch, Jen. I can be a hanger on.

Jen: You want to barge into people’s houses and make them uncomfortable while eating all their food?

Drew: Yes. Also I want to look like Zach Galifinackis, just like Horrocks.


I hope this baby bursts Kool Aid Man style into this world.

Like, yanno, nature dictates.

Jen: Shouldn’t Claire call for a midwife? She’s a combat nurse, how many babies has she delivered?

Drew: She’s delivered bullet babies.

Also, she wants to kill Jenny. There can be only one.

Jen: This weird talk is straight from the book. Gabaldon is so weired

Oh, they did try to call the midwife. Ugh it is just going to be gross

Drew: oh no the baby will be born in this taxi cab it has never been done before snnnnnzzzzzz

Jen: No but breech is still dangerous even today in modern times. They aren’t supposed to come out feet first!

Drew: Ungh. Sibling siblrey.

Isn’t there some plant she could eat? Or maybe she could do the Geillis dance? or she could get that stick out of her butt

Jen: Eeeeeee this is a great book line

Drew: So this is setting up the reasons for Future Things, huh?

Jen: Well I think it’s more explanation for why she isn’t knocked up yet because they have been doing it quite a lot

Drew: Boston is an expensive city, Horrocks.


Jen: Whoa was not expecting sword in the back

Yas, Ian!

Drew: Ian goes crazy with bloodlust.

Ian is so lonely.

Jen: Oh Jamie’s little snake!

In the book he carries it in his sporran all the time

Drew: He has a serpent in his sporran, I bet.

Ungh. Just murder her Claire and get it over with.

Jen: Oh My God any dude yelling at a woman giving birth needs to be kicked in the balls for like an hour

Drew: So did they not understand optimal cup construction back then or do they just have a really crappy potter at Castle Lollipop?

This guy seems like a reasonable thug to work for.

Jen: He can do math!

Drew: No dental, sure.

Jen: That took an unexpected turn

Drew: But lots of butter in the crock.

Like, he’s everything Dougal could have been. Also, he has nice hair. I’m in love, Jenny. Sorry, Larry, you’re gawped back to #2.

Jen: You have my best wishes, you and grimy local thug #1

Drew: Woah, That’s Mr. Grimy Local Thug #1 to you, hussy.

How much older than Jamie was dead Willie?

Jen: He was like 5 or 8 years older

Drew: So he was 10-13 when he carved that snake?

That’s primo Etsy wank right there.

Jen: *fanning myself* OMG they are the best couple on tv ever

Drew: Woah, Hawkeye’s wife is totally fine with Clint being and Avenger.

Jen: You’ve got a money making Etsy scheme there. Drew’s Totally Old Timey Good Enough Snake Carving

We are crossing our banter!


Jen: You love that Poem Skull don’t you?


STARZ STARZWATCH PLZWATCH Get me that watch, Jamie. plz

Jen: So it’s going to be raining like that the entire we’re in Scotland right?

Drew: Yep.

Jen: This childbirth is making me more uncomfortable than the dudes with guns.

Can’t she do a c-section? That was invented for Julius Casear, wasn’t it?!

Drew: …

Do you even lift, bro?

Jen: Gasp!

Drew: Time for Jenny to bleed out?

Or Ian. Or Jamie. Just tell me the watch is okay.

Jen: Drew & Skull Watch = OTP

Drew: That’s Mr Skull Watch to you.

Those are some mad big earrings.

Jen: OMG they remembered the bracelets!

I am excited about this!

Drew: Murdoch’s got claws, yo.

Jamie wanted the watch too. That’s why he stayed.

Jen: That was really good!

Drew: Cut to Jamie poking furiously at his Uber app. “Why won’t anyone pick up form the Highlands!” he moans to the sky.

Jen: I can’t wait for next week! Agh!

Drew: The episode is called the Watch. It is all about the watch. The Watch.

Jen & Drew- Live Chat Episode 10, With Special Guest!

This week we welcomed back Tenillypo from Despair in the Afternoon to watch the episode and live chat with us. Yes, we all sit around our living room drinking wine/beers and communicating through our laptops. What? This is modern life. Also, I like snark better when it is not getting in the way of my hearing the actual show.

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